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Found 4 results

  1. Vote to support DC statehood! It is absurd that hundreds of thousands of people are disenfranchised because republicans are scared of giving them a vote. Vote, there are more oppose votes than support! Let's make sure that is flipped before the counts are pased to congress Apparently votes on this website are periodically passed along to congress. https://votesilo.com/l/p59Qj No taxation without representation
  2. Need advice on how to respond to the common conservative whine, "Harry Reid will not even bring to a vote what Congress passes" argument point.
  3. The anti gun lobby has become way too powerful in this country. Our lawmakers need to grow a backbone and stop being pushed around by special interest groups, Why is there a problem with extended background checks, we don't need military weapons in the streets killing children either. The politicians are not going to do anything about gun violence so it is up to the people. takegunsoffstreets.com
  4. Why should Congress be exempt from the laws that they create and impose on the rest of the country? If these laws are so good for America then why do they want to be exempt from them. This is unfair treatment of the American public. There is a petition to the Obama administration to take action against congress and to put a stop to this. Sign the petition now so the president can take action. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/end-all-exemptions-members-congress-and-other-politicians-when-creating-new-laws/8VX7FLgg
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