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Found 3 results

  1. Why do people vouch for America becoming Communist? Do people actually realize that the Soviet Union was originally an idea by Vladimir Lenin. He wanted a Communist nation on the earth so he made the Soviet Union. And then after he died, Stalin took over and made it a dictatorship. So without the idea to become communist, alot of people that died because of the Soviet Union would have been alive today. Are people honestly this stupid to vouch for something that will bring death to millions by making America communist?
  2. Just a quick question, is it possible to be a communist and still be a anarchist? I heard someone say that they are both, i just want to hear some feedback on this.
  3. Capitaism is contradictory to Democracy. True power is possesed in the control of commodities/resources, resources providing leverage over people who need them whether this be food,housing, water or land. Leverage which is particularly apparant in third-world countries where corruption, only possible through capitalisms theory of value, is prevalent but also apparant with the huge power of leverage and influence posses by large corporate organisations. A popular view among liberals aswell as many economists is for more governmental control which in turn would allow less corrupted freedoms of capitalists. This is a fair standpoint: the excessive risky bank lending/libor/economic games which caused this recession played by the rich to pass a quick buck being fundamental to crashes like this one and prior ones. However, to allow more governmental control is to turn the government into a corrupt organisation and create state capitalism similar to the economic systems of the USSR. What we need to do is to allow the democratic ownership of true commodities: oil, gas etc. while giving a labour theory of value to every other possible "commodity" : food, water etc. with very few exceptions taking the form of professional professions: engineers/doctors, who would recieve extra value to their labour per hour. By delocalising commdoities we remove power, by creating a labour value system we remove the need of corporations to sustain the system and by giving extra value to engineers's and doctors hours we give a motive for more proffesionals if there is a lack of such services within society. Due to leverage any democrat elected into power cannot employ this: it is impossible for them to do so due to the lack of true power. Only though revolution can we achieve actually this. 1 idea: Labour theory of value.
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