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Found 8 results

  1. http://oppressive.games/power https://discord.gg/4rJeCs5 Power is a political simulation game of the U.S. political system, complete with an executive branch (including a cabinet) and a legislative branch (currently only a senate). There are 50 states, each with its own governor and two senators. You can create or join a political party and then enter primaries and elections for either governor or senator. You accrue a certain amount of power each turn and can use it to raise money, raise state influence, or other actions (each with their own cost in terms of power, money, or reputation). As a governor, you can set tax rates and spending on any number of issues, including abortion and gun control. The game has recently been reset, so jump in while opportunities abound. I am Theodore Roosevelt, the Class II Senator from Massachusetts (http://oppressive.games/power/pol.php?pol=4207), and I intend to form the Progressive Party once I have enough power and money. Almost all of the game's users use Discord extensively (both for OOC conversation and IG organization). You can find the Progressive Party Discord here: https://discord.gg/4rJeCs5. I hope you join Power and the Progressive Party as well! We're always welcoming new members!
  2. So as a young female, I believe its important to get our perspective out there. Keeping Trump's ass accountable.
  3. I'll be honest. I was very disappointed by the election results. I didn't want Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat nomination and I didn't want Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination. I wanted two different people to run for President. But I can tell you about three people who were originally against Trump but now want him to win. Those three people are: myself, my cousin and a friend of mine. When Trump said that he can bring prayer back to schools, I became his supporter. My cousin once called Trump 'The Devil', but after he took the time to re-examine things, he changed his mind. I also like that Trump said that he'll help our vets if he wins. Our veterans fought and were prepared to die to maintain our freedom. Out of all of the people in the USA, our veterans deserve to be helped the most. Yes, Trump has his shortcomings. Two of which are his temper and that he loves to shoot his mouth off. He has his shortcomings but he isn't a tyrant like many people claim. My dad had a temper and he loved to shoot his mouth off but he certainly wasn't a tyrant. I'm getting sick of people comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. Trump isn't another Hitler and people know it. Trump also has other shortcomings but Hillary also has a bunch of shortcomings. Let's forget about the charges that she has been facing for a moment. Even if she had never faced charges, she still has her shortcomings. Two of which are that she is racist and she is a bully. Hillary admires Margaret Sanger enormously even though Sanger said that black people should be exterminated. That is racist. Many years ago, Hillary referred to some mentally challenged children as 'F****** retards'. She bullied sweet, innocent children. Children who were mentally challenged. Both candidates have flaws. If Hillary wins, she will not be a better President than Trump. I'm not saying that Trump would be a better president than Hillary but he sure wouldn't be worse.
  4. Certain people compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. I've seen people doctor up photos that give Trump a Hitler mustache and Swastikas. This is what I have to say about Trump being compared to Hitler. IT IS RIDICULOUS! Hitler was an evil maniac. Because of him, thousands and thousands of people ended up dead. Trenches had to be dug and dead bodies were tossed into the trenches because of the huge amount of casualties. Where are the trenches of dead bodies that Trump is responsible for? THERE ARE NONE AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT! I will admit that Trump is not perfect. He has flaws. If I were to say that Trump is the greatest politician who has ever lived, I would be a liar. Trump is not perfect but he is not another Adolf Hitler and people know it. Before anymore Trump haters compare Trump to Hitler, they should examine Hillary Clinton. She has flaws just like Trump. It is unfair of people to condemn Trump and praise Hillary. People call Trump corrupt. Hillary is corrupt. Many people are aware that she is corrupt but I wish that everybody was aware. Trump is no angel but neither is Hillary. Certain people also used Swastikas when George W. Bush became President Elect in 2000. They tried to make Bush look like Hitler also. Bush wasn't a fantastic President but he was no Adolf Hitler and neither is Trump.
  5. Margaret Sanger said these following words: "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated". Hillary Clinton said these following words about Sanger: "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision". Hillary enormously admires a woman who believes that black people should be destroyed. That is disgusting. People want to talk about Donald Trump and the KKK. Hillary is just as racist as Trump and people need to be made aware of it. Sadly, it's possible that many people are aware of it but don't care. If that is true, I feel sorry for those people.
  6. This is a poem that I wrote and it is the way that I feel about Hillary Clinton. Because of the allegations that have come out against Hillary Clinton, she's a person who I don't trust. Hillary's supporters don't want me to tell you this but I must. Because of these allegations, I can't and won't trust her to run this country. If I was a politician who was facing such allegations, people wouldn't vote for me. I don't trust Hillary to be in The Oval Office. She shouldn't be elected, I firmly believe this. If you're going to vote for her, you have that right but what I've said had to be mentioned. I don't think that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and I have to bring that to people's attention.
  7. I voted for Bernie Sanders on March the 1st for two reasons. 1. I believe that Sanders can be a great President and 2. It took a vote away from Hillary Clinton. I didn't vote for a republican candidate because that wouldn't have taken a vote away from Hillary. It would've only taken a vote away from the other republican candidates. Because of the allegations that have come out against Hillary, I know in my heart that she isn't trustworthy. But I honestly do believe that Bernie Sanders is trustworthy.
  8. I don't trust Hillary Clinton one bit because of the allegations that have come out against her. I dread the future if she becomes President. But I do trust Bernie Sanders. I believe that he can be a great President. Many years ago Bernie opposed segregation. Congress passed his first piece of legislation for the National Program of Cancer Registries. Because of Bernie's efforts, all 50 states now run registries to help cancer researchers gain important insight. Sanders has been re-elected to serve eight terms as a Congressman by the people in Vermont. Bernie Sanders has integrity and that is the kind of president that I want.
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