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Found 6 results

  1. America now has more wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on earth, and the gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s. How is this Fair?
  2. If Bernie wins the primary tomorrow I believe that the Clinton campaign will be backed into a corner and they will have a very difficult time in California and the Bernie campaign will have a better chance at the contested Democratic Convention "Hillary Clinton needs to win 65.3 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to avoid a contested Democratic convention at which she and Bernie Sanders separately plead their cases to the Party’s 714 unpledged “super-delegates.”-.huffingtonpost This shows that the next few months will be hard for the Sanders and Clinton campaign and In general the Sanders camp will have A very better chance at the nomination.
  3. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/arrest-and-prosecute-donald-j-trump-incitement-violence-legal-precedent-brandenburg-v-ohio There is a petition going around to arrest Donald Trump for incitement of violence at his rallies. He has done so many terrible things from making fun of people with disabilities, to saying he would pay for the legal fees of anyone who punches people at his rallies and everything in between, such as racist comments and comments objectifying/degrading women. Billionaires shouldn't be immune to the law and should have to pay the price when breaking them. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/arrest-and-prosecute-donald-j-trump-incitement-violence-legal-precedent-brandenburg-v-ohio
  4. At a time when every free thinking American in the country can agree that America's system of criminal justice is utterly broken, why has so much weight been given to the product of that broken system? In an ever encroaching technical society where information "dot coms" are the new get rich quick ploy of the day, it seems that we as a society should "pump the breaks" on our quest for information, in effort to revisit the protections of our own constitutional safeguards. Today, with the click of a computer mouse we can run a criminal background check on virtually anyone. And governments from all jurisdictions (pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act) are more than eager to sell the private information from their broken criminal justice systems to cyber data brokers for thousands of dollars per lot. But why have we as a nation been so quick to surrender our privacy without so much as a good debate? Contrary to popular belief and practices, in the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, criminal background checks for non-law enforcement uses are illegal. Why???? Because in the year 1999, the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals said so...That's why!!!! It seems that all of the "smart business people" in this country are quite ignorant to the law. And due to this ignorance, a new "Scarlet Letter" or otherwise third class citizenry has been allowed to ferment in the United States of America, resulting in millions of Americans who have been victimized by the country's broken criminal justice system, to be further victimized from denial of employment, housing, and even public assistance due to the deprivation of their constitutional / individual right to privacy. The ignorance of law in corporate America arises out of the distinctions between "the constitutional right to individual privacy" in our papers, property, and affairs, versus the limited implementation of the "FOIA" Freedom of Information Act". In the below referenced federal case, the wisdom of the 5th Circuit articulates exactly why criminal background checks in America encroaches not only on the privacy rights of the individual citizen, but also fosters an underclass citizenry to all who have been engaged by America's broken criminal justice system: Times Picayune Publ'g v. United States Department of Justice, 37 F. Supp. 2d 472 (5th Cir 1999). "For all of the above reasons, this Court concludes that disclosure of Mr. DeBartolo's mug shot could reasonably be expected to constitute an invasion of his personal privacy. C. Is There a Viable Public Interest in Disclosure of Mr. DeBartolo's Mug Shot? Having found a personal privacy interest in nondisclosure of Mr. DeBartolo's mug shot, the Court must now consider whether a viable public interest exists for its disclosure. Halloran, 874 F. 2d at 319. Several well settled principles guide this Court's evaluation of the public interests allegedly involved in disclosure of Mr. DeBartolo's mug shot. First, the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) is designed to 'shed[] light on an agency's performance of its statutory duties,' or otherwise keep citizens informed about 'what their government is up to.' Reporter's Committee, 489 U.S. at 773, 109 S. Ct. at 1481-82. Disclosing information about private citizens that happens to be in government files does not foster that purpose if it reveals little or nothing about the agency's own conduct. Second, a court must measure the public interest of disclosure solely in terms of this objective, rather than on the particular purpose for which the document is being requested. Therefore, the identity and motive of the requesting party is irrelevant. Id. at 772, 109 S. Ct. at 1481; Halloran, 874 F. 2d at 323. Third, a FOIA requester does not create a legitimate public interest in disclosure through mere {37 F. Supp. 2d 480} speculation about potential public interests that possibly could be served. Ray v. United States Department of State, 502 U.S. 164, 179, 112 S. Ct. 541, 549, 116 L. Ed. 2d 526 (1991)(mere speculation about hypothetical public benefits cannot outweigh significant privacy interest for purposes of Exemption 6). Finally, under Halloran, merely stating an abstract public interest is insufficient; the Court must analyze how that interest would be served by compelling disclosure in the particular case. Halloran, 874 F. 2d at 323." In the 17th Century the Puritans utilized the branding of a letter upon the flesh in effort to permanently scar and shame a person for ​transgressions against civil order. Today in the 21st century we call these antics, "the criminal background check". Under the "attainder" clauses to our federal and state constitutions, when a person has satisfied their debt to society regardless as to whether that debt resulted from either a broken, or legitimate criminal justice system, that person has a constitutional Right (as a citizen of these United States), not to be made to suffer the consequences of past transgressions for the remainder of that person's life. Perhaps enough smart lawyers will sue the not-so-smart heads of corporate America for enough money, that the loss of revenue will make the country respect this Right once more.
  5. Hello! I am a lifelong democrat, who has always leaned towards the left in life. I have tried becoming more political as I grow up into adulthood, and although I can't say I've reached a level of knowledge I am comfortable with, I feel like I am on my way. Lately I have been "feeling the bern". I relate to a lot of the opinions he's expressed, and his ideas for helping America internally very much relate to me. I have donated to the campaign. One thing that has me a bit concerned is his support of the Obama drone program. While I have seen some quotes where Bernie agrees that the drone program needs more precise targeting, the vibe I've been getting is that his outrage for the economic situation at home does not extend to foreign affairs. In fact, I've felt a bit disillusioned by the Obama Drone Program in general. While admittedly, I do not have all of the facts to back up my disillusion, I feel that this program goes against what I had originally supported Obama for in the first place.Drones that have the potential to kill innocent people or people without a trial seems to be worse than torture/waterboarding. Yet where is the outrage? Is it because we have a democrat in office? If Bush had a "kill list" would things have been brought up differently? Can someone who is more informed on these matters comment? Where does Bernie Stand? Why are liberal progressives ok with the drone program? Look forward to discussing with everyone this campaign season!
  6. So I was having a debate(more like a shouting match) but then he said that the democratic socialism that he states, is not democratic socialism. That, Bernie sanders only wants to get ahead of Hilary Clinton. That he is using the shock factor like Donald Trump and that this is not socialism what he is doing, because he does not want to nationalise industries. And the major point that my conservative brother made about Bernie Sanders(apart from saying that Bernie Sanders was a senile pedophile, purely in jest) was that he is doing what every other Democratic hopeful wants to do except he wants to do it, in a more loud way(what ever that means <--)
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