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Found 1 result

  1. I think this chart speaks for itself, There is no reason all the money should stay at the top, These companies think they can continue to sell their products to the same people responsible for allowing them to prosper, Greed in the end will get them. They are the ones that also get to buy preferred stock and the folks get stuck with common shares. In case you don't know the difference, it means their stock is paid prior to anyone else the company owes when they file bankruptcy, or allow the company to fail when they rob it like or man Romney was know for. The average man or woman should beware of these companies and watch for the signs of excessive spending by the greedy bastards, or they may be stuck with worthless stock when they finally do go broke. But preferred shareholders will get paid even if nobody else does. I think that companies should be limited in their size. It is not good for our country when you have to go to walmart to purchase inventory because the vendor that supplies your goods has an agreement with walmart that allows them to get the same product and sell it to consumers cheaper than you can buy it from that same supplier. Large cooperations should be limited in their ability to expand and keep growing. This is why the telephone companies were split-up back in the 70's. It is not fair to the small business owners in this country who are trying to compete.
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