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Found 24 results

  1. Trumpty Dumpty asked Paul for a Wall. And there we are. The absolute absurdity of asking Democrats to pay for this wall of ignorance needs voice. GOP speaker Paul Ryan didn't do it. This is a ploy to keep the Wall as the 2020 simplistic rallying cry for the mob. Trumpty Dumpty had his chance and Ryan let it fall. Now if Supervolcano Yellowstone rears its ugly head, all must move South to avoid extinction. Imagine if Trumpty's Wall of Ignorance holds back the Americans fleeing for their lives.
  2. He's got terrific foreign policy experience and knowledge. He's got terrific general experience, been a Senator, VP and he's well regarded in DC. He has an interesting story. Lost his wife and young daughter to a car crash as a young father and husband. Lost his son Beau a few years ago. He's been through tough times. Most of all, I think he can connect with Rust Belt voters with his Scranton background. He's viewed as a centrist, but I see him as a progressive who may be more inclined to push left because the world needs a left America. We need to be green, innovative, believing in science and pragmatism. And sure, he's prone to gaffes, but come on, Trump has blown up that train. Trump has a dozen gaffes a day. Biden's biggest gaffes aren't even a Monday afternoon story for Trump. Most of all, he can beat Trump. He can win PA, OH, WI and MI. He'll be able to punch back on Trump the way Hillary never could because of the appearance of it. Thoughts?
  3. In the Nov. 7th Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/07/rapprochement-not-impeachment-democrats-likely-approach-to-trump Democrats’ policy agenda likely to include cooperation with Trump With Nancy Pelosi at their head, the new House majority is likely to pursue a policy agenda that may include cooperating with the White House The story reports that "Pelosi laid out six legislative priorities she said Democrats would [pursue]." What should be of concern to the left is this excerpt: So what's the problem? Think about it – Trump's the top gorilla, the King of the Mountain. He takes credit for anything that benefits him or his political ambitions and reactionary agenda. While screwing the working class horribly, he's always seeking anything that furthers the illusion that he loves "the workers". Pelosi and the Dems live in this perpetual cloud-liberal-lala-land where they imagine they can reap some kind of public acclaim from having some peripheral role in Trump's version of an infrastructure program (remember the last fiasco?) and who-knows-what pharma legislation. Trump and his now vast and powerful support base and infrastructure will somehow wangle this to his own great credit (and probably prove in the process that the Dems are a bunch of quivering wimps and violent leftwing socialists out to destroy his good works).
  4. What will it take for the men and women of the justice dept to tell Trump no and arrest him with overwhelming evidence of federal and state crimes. No wonder laws like the good Samaritan laws are not practiced in every state. Af6ter ousting Session and replacing him with this con man who whored himself as a CNN contributor talking smack about the Muehimself to the job? Are we as a country as a whole sufferinug from domestic violence by the hands of our president? Every day ,
  5. GUYS! I ordered this Fake News T-shirt at 8penguins (check link) and got dressed coded at school for wearing it because according to my school its "controversial". It's ridiculous! The left needs to be stopped. I go to Highland High School in Ohio.what are y'all opinions on this? http://8penguins.com/product/t-shirt-fake-news/
  6. Njustmike


    Right around the time this website was founded I picked up an old pamphlet by Ward Churchill called "Pacifism as Pathology." His basic argument is similar to Peter Gelderloos' argument in How non-violence protects the state". Neither of the 2 advocate a violent approach to change, but they will not rule it out as a tactic of defense. The state has a monopoly on violence. The state is violent from conception to collapse and being morally superior to it via non-violence does not change it's nature. I see it as a spectrum. The more disruptive your group is to business that support the state the more state violence is tolerable. I think the bombing of the MOVE houses in Philadelphia in 1985 is a great example. The sentiment of the Philly PD was just "get rid of these anarchists, just burn them out" Seattle at the WTO protests in 1999, the cops dressed for war, and the most violence mounted by the protestors was broken Starbucks windows. How much different are the police today? Are we risking anything besides comfort when we protest? Rallies are nice, but what do they accomplish? I think until we are brave enough to really risk something, we will not see meaningful change.
  7. Why do Socialist Liberals like Bernie Sanders push Globalist Healthcare upon Americans, when that isn't what we want as a whole country? Sure some do, but most don't. It's because the Democrats do whatever they want, and get away with it! Why does the middle Class in this country suffer so much, and is hard to keep up bills wise? Well when an extra portion of your paycheck goes towards paying for healthcare for other people, that's part of your answer right there. When Obama was president, and the house and senate was controlled by the Democratic Party, people on welfare, and food stamps went up dramatically, and jobs were hard to find. The Democrats will keep forcing things upon Americans, weather we like it or not.
  8. Njustmike

    Pro Business?

    I think the Republican revision of history is comical. You'd think "Pro business" would reflect in the stock market market. Take a look at the data. https://www.macrotrends.net/2481/stock-market-performance-by-president By performance, over 8 years, the order of the last 4 two term Presidents is Clinton, Obama, Reagan, Bush Jr...What about less than 8 years? It goes Ford, Bush the 1st, Trump, Carter, Nixon. Trump has implemented policy that has failed historically, ie tariffs, and as they roll out the expansion slows. Companies pay less tax and have bought back shares and increased dividends. That short term benefit is quickly evaporating and soon enough, business will need more public handouts. I really hope Trump hangs his hat on the economy because a recession is about 18 months away. 8 more rate hikes and the true end of QE as central banks reduce government bond holdings to zero, will spur the recession. Q1 of next year will be filled with earnings misses on wall street, because they were over inflated this year, and the political scandals as the House moves in on impeachment is more than enough to shake confidence. The tightening of economic policy is to avoid another "moral hazard" created by nationalized banks. (9/2008-1/2009) More businesses will be allowed to fail by state planners, this time, so the overall system can succeed.
  9. With a Vocabulary From ‘Goodfellas,’ Trump Evokes His Native New York https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/23/us/politics/trump-vocabulary-mob.html I thought Trump's lingo had a certain familiar "flavor" to it. Glad somebody has put this together ...
  10. The Slippery Slope of Complicity https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/18/opinion/the-slippery-slope-of-complicity.html Interesting analysis of GOP behavior by Paul Krugman. I found several excerpts particularly interesting: One factor Krugman seems to have omitted is ... fear of being primaried. RAN
  11. swordplay777

    Sam Harris on Trump

    I agree with 100% of absolutely everything that Sam Harris has said about Trump. Ever. Help me see otherwise. If you're familiar with Harris' arguments concerning President Donald J. Trump, please reference the argument(s) and explain how and why you disagree.
  12. Donald Trump’s excellent European adventure https://realityanalysisnotes.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/donald-trumps-excellent-european-adventure/
  13. President Trump is now advocating that people who cross the border into the United States illegally, must immediately be deported without trial — and sowing more confusion among Republicans ahead of a planned immigration vote this week.In a pair of tweets sent during his drive to his Virginia golf course, Trump described immigrants as invaders and wrote that U.S. immigration laws are “a mockery” and must be changed to take away trial rights from illegal aliens.“We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country,” Trump wrote. “When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents.”The president continued in a second tweet, “Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Immigration must be based on merit — we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!”The president is 100% right. All this ludicrous blabbering about Flores, and 20 days, and court hearings, bla, bla, bla, is doing no good for the country. It is only serving the interests of the invaders trying to push their way into our country, the countries who want to get rid of them, and the Democrats who play the game of welcoming any foreigners coming to our border, and then seeking their VOTES in return.The whole idea of due process for foreign invaders is absurd. It's about like being in a war, wounding an enemy soldier, and then reading him Miranda rights, as if he was holding up a convenience store) and then giving him a trial in a civilian court.All of this total is nothing but Democrat gamesmanship to gin up VOTES for themselves.Anyone coming to the border in any way other going through the strict legal process, should be turned away at the border, and sent back immediately. Forget courts, forget detention facilities, forget judges. Just build the wall, and man it with thousands of border patrol agents, who will immediately deport whoever they catch.Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process rightsYes, Washington Post, that's right. He's advocating depriving illegal aliens the right (which they don't have) to invade our country. Trump making America great again.
  14. Now that the OIG report is out, we’ve gotta say the FBI has never looked better:
  15. The U.S. Justice Department’s internal watchdog will release a long-awaited report on Thursday on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe that she said contributed to her 2016 presidential election loss to Republican Donald Trump. The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, which will be released at 2 p.m. (1800 GMT), arose from a review he launched about a week before Trump took office in January 2017. The inquiry has focused on whether former FBI Director James Comey’s public statements about the bureau’s probe of Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state were based on “improper considerations.” Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-congress-fbi/justice-dept-watchdog-to-release-report-on-fbi-decisions-on-clinton-probe-idUSKBN1JA0D4
  16. IanCortes

    The FBI’s Reckoning

    The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General is rarely in the spotlight. But a highly anticipated report by the department’s internal watchdog will finally be released this week, ending a nearly 18-month investigation into whether the FBI acted improperly in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. The inspector general, Michael Horowitz—commonly referred to as the DOJ’s internal watchdog—announced in January 2017 that his office would examine allegations of misconduct surrounding former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The news was welcomed by both Democrats—who felt that Comey had shattered Clinton’s chances of winning the election by effectively reopening the email probe just days before the election—and by Republicans, who felt that Comey, after deciding not to charge Clinton with a crime, had let her off easy. President Trump, who frequently attacks the FBI and DOJ for investigating his campaign team’s ties to Russia, has also taken an interest in Horowitz’s forthcoming report: “What is taking so long with the Inspector General’s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey,” Trump wrote in a tweet last week. “Numerous delays...Hope Report is not being changed and made weaker! There are so many horrible things to tell, the public has the right to know. Transparency!” It is not clear where Trump got the idea that Horowitz, known as an even-handed professional among current and former Justice Department employees, would deliberately weaken the report. Horowitz served as a prosecutor in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and in the Justice Department’s criminal division, and was appointed to the inspector general’s job in 2012 by former President Barack Obama. Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/06/the-reckoning-facing-the-fbi/562685/
  17. Yes, we need a cure for this moron who runs our Country. TrumpDerangementSyndrome
  18. I am writing to suggest a tactic to help us win the House and Senate this November, and make Trump pay for the crimes he has committed and the harm he’s doing to our world. As you know, Trump recently accused the Obama Administration of separating undocumented immigrant children from their parents. In their fact check piece earlier today, NPR reported the following: https://www.npr.org/2018/05/29/615211215/fact-check-are-democrats-responsible-for-dhs-separating-children-from-their-pare Trump is accusing President Obama and the entire Democratic Party of doing something that was not proscribed by a prior policy initiative, and was therefore against the law. On March 6, 2017, NBC News published a piece suggesting that President Obama could legally sue Trump over his claim that he illegally ordered the surveillance of Trump Tower. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/analysis-does-obama-have-grounds-sue-trump-libel-n729376 In that article, NBC wrote: Trump clearly intended to harm not just President Obama, but the entire Democratic Party, with both the illegal surveillance and recent parent-children separation statements. Voters are justifiably wary of backing candidates who are too passive to defend themselves from libelous attacks. If we continue to let Trump get away with his libels, we will probably continue to pay dearly at the polls. I’m suggesting our Democratic Party campaigns and President Obama immediately file a legal suit against Trump in this matter. Even if the Supreme Court were to exonerate Trump of libel, the American People would not buy their argument. They would also probably conclude that Trump had succeeded at corrupting our highest judicial body. If we act speedily, we can make Trump and the Republicans who defend him pay for his recklessness and immorality by losing both the House and Senate this November.
  19. Another scandal spreads in the American establishment. According to American columnist for National Review Andrew McCarthy in a recent column Glenn Simpson the co-founder of an intelligence firm Fusion GPS, that compiled research on Trump during the campaign, had testified to the Senate that the F.B.I. had a ‘human source’ within the campaign. Trump’s reaction was not long in coming. “Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN EMBEDDED INFORMANT,'” Trump tweeted. “Andrew McCarthy says, ‘There’s probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign.'” Thus one more fact of the FBI's abuse of power added to the list against a background of the confrontation between the head of the White House and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The whole thing started in 2016. The powerful intelligence agency suffered criticism from Donald Trump back then during the elections. Then he accused the FBI of Hillary Clinton's support and covering the Clinton email investigation. Speaking in Minneapolis in 2016, Trump said Clinton was being “protected by a rigged system….she will be under investigation for a long, long time, likely concluding in a criminal trial”. At that time the tough talk of the odious businessman wasn't taken seriously, just because his words were not confirmed. Next the public became aware of text messages exchanged by two anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The pair worked on the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server and were later kicked off special counsel Robert Mueller’s team probing possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. In the latest batch of texts from May 2017, Strzok and Page were ‘angry and mourning’ over Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Several conservative media and the expert community required to ‘investigate and prosecute’. However there had been no response from officials. In addition, in late January, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes reportedly accused the FBI of abusing FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. But all these things were overshadowed by Comey's recent revelations. His claims and admissions confirmed the FBI under his direction actually had interfered into American elections. The former director admitted he had reopened an investigation on Clinton to legitimate her victory in presidential race and to show “impartiality” of the Bureau to the American people. At the time he was sure of her landslide victory. Comey did not conceal that he and his wife had given preference to Clinton in 2016. But at the time the ex-FBI head did not expect that his actions would deal a devastating blow to her campaign. These cases should be investigated seriously and may even require an assignment of another special counsel who would “stir up a wasps' nest” in the FBI. The American society has a right to demand the same impartiality as in the investigation of Trump-Russia connections.
  20. Islam is NOT responsible for the attacks today. Counter arguments welcome.
  21. I just started up a YouTube channel based around politics and society from a progressive point of view. My first video is actually a video where I talk about Trump. You guys can check it out here https://youtu.be/slIaK3Ug6_I
  22. Plain and simple and I just want to hear if people think this is a possible way to take our power back and start making Washington work for us and Wall Street lose at least a little and slowly maybe even more and more. Instead of being the 99% camping out on Wall Street being labeled as losers, lazy and many other negative things we somehow turn our attention to the media starting with local news stations in as many towns as we can. Start picketing them to follow up on stories they initially start about corruption in government locally including branches where funds were misused by those in charge of education, human services, etc. In Des Moines we had the head of education give herself some ridiculous raise in the hundreds of thousands while school budgets were cut further and further down, art, music and drama programs cut, grades dropped among students due to teacher cut backs and more. The local news reported her name and her crime. Congress requested her appear and answer questions. She refused a few times. No warrant or arrest was made like should be the case. Then, in the end, she appeared, answered some questions that weren't very tough considering her crime. Nothing more was ever reported. Her name was forgotten. Did she have to pay the money back. I don't think so but there was no local news program that claimed this to be an outrage. I don't even remember if they followed up with the findings. No jail time was heard of but she lost her position. Let's push the reporters to stop giggling about their own banter and a goat that was confused in traffic this morning and make them remember that their real purpose was to be the watchdogs for the people. Let's make it not so fun to go into work and leave the building throughout the day until they giggle less and deal with the serious stuff more.
  23. What does it say about the Republicans that Donald Trump is leading the most recent polls among the GOP field of presidential candidates according the most recent FOX News poll . Well, as far as I'm concerned it confirms the idea that the Republican Party is as batsh*t crazy as it's ever been. Donald Trump? This guy that spewed some of the most insulting comments about illegal Mexican immigrants ever heard and then proclaimed he would win the Latino vote. Who says he'll construct an impenetrable wall along the Mexican border and will make Mexico pay for it. Who proclaims to be the smartest businessman in history, yet filed for bankruptcy so many times even he has lost count. To be honest, I doubt it tells us anything about how things will shake out by the summer of 2016. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Bush will finally get the nomination and will tap Rubio for VP. But for now, I'll have to admit the Republican dog and pony show is hilarious.