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Found 5 results

  1. 1. Did you know that Hillary bought 2 million twitter followers to show the illusion that people actually wanted to follow her? Side note this was with tax payer dollars. 2. Did you know that Hillary has invested 1 million dollar to employ internet trolls to spread good things about Hillary and shut down any of the scandals about her. In fact there are paid trolls on this site that get paid to thumb down posts like these. The campaign is called "breaking barriers 2016" 3. A good portion on Hillary Clinton's money comes from world arms and weapons dealers. In fact she has made more money from these groups then any other candidate in US history. 4. After Boeing gave Hillary $900k she allowed them to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and then Saudi Arabia gave her 10 million dollars as a thank you. This is the same country that just put out a how to video on how to beat your wife. 5. Hillary helped the Coup d'etat in Honduras that killed homosexuals on the streets. 6. Haitians protested outside Hillary Clinton's office in New York after billions of dollars were stole from them. 7.Hillary has endorsed former KKK leaders. 8. Hillary Clinton will pay Bernie Sanders to tell his supporters to vote for her. Keep in mind Bernie only made $200k last year and once you see Bernie drop out and promote Hillary's campaign you will know why. 9. Hillary refuses to release her paid speeches transcripts of Goldman Sach's. Why? 10. Hillary bold faced lied about Benghazi and hid her private emails in a bathroom server. According to her "what difference does it make" or " you mean with a cloth? did I wipe my server with a cloth? They are giving us Hillary and Trump to choose from. For me it's do I want someone to intentionally destroy the country or someone that will accidently destroy the country. I will take my chances on the accident. I can't go for the intentional.
  2. From -- Politicist: http://politicist.net/2015/07/06/2016-democratic-presidential-candidates-an-introduction/ New York — A few days ago, I published a post introducing the Republican Party’s presidential contenders. Since then, contenders for the Republican nomination have themselves in a twist, responding to comments made by Donald Trump. On the other hand, members of the Democratic Party are focused on the candidates that have thrown their hat into the ring. Here’s a chance for you to meet the candidates. Again, check back for independent candidates and individual candidate profiles. Sanders Webb Clinton O'Malley Chafee [---Read More---] If anybody could visit the site and let me know what they think and/or subscribe and share it, that would be great!
  3. Look at the new manual for beginners dirty politicians! Really good guide as to become the president. For dummies, of course . Not for the experienced "criminals"
  4. http://www.intervote.net In short, Intervote is a way to gather data from the internet community and compare that data to legitimate polls and see if the results are the same or different. I'd also like to cross reference results with how a congressperson or senator voted and see if the wants and desires of the people who used the site align with how their representatives vote. Please feel free to answer the questions on the site. For more info click the about us tab (http://www.intervote.net/about-us/). Any criticisms or suggestions are much appreciated. I just launched the site and would love some feed back. Btw I know the titles are cheesy but I didn't know what else to put. I.E. "Let the world know what you think" I think it sounds kind of pretentious. http://www.intervote.net
  5. It's like she's the only one awake in a field of sleeping pods.

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