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Found 8 results

  1. Confirmation: This Man is not Normal Before you take a teaspoon of bleach or ask your doctor for a 5cc shot of Lysol, take a moment. I understand for his supporters that waiting on your signed check from Donald J. Trump, makes you feel as special as Stormy Daniels; however, staring into the sun, or spending hours under a UV lamp will not cure you of the coronavirus. Well, now that I have stepped on the toes of every comic from Stephen Colbert to Tiffany Haddish, I apologize. This is the result of the incessant need of the media to broadcast absurdity for ratings to a sane nation. Lost on America’s citizenry is the real story of institutional incompetence practiced by the administration and the slow dissolution of the experts as they fall one by one. Read More
  2. When you watch Donald Trump in slow motion, he sounds pretty funny Donald Trump DRUNK: Volume 2
  3. JUST IN: Watch as a Fox News host just turned on the network and debunked the phony "Uranium One" conspiracy in less than 30 seconds, resulting in viewers of the network losing it on social media, with many going on hate-filled rants in the process. http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2017/11/fox-news-host-debunks-uranium-one-conspiracy-viewers-melt-down-on-twitter-002168351.html
  4. Shocked to see so many Trump Supporters at such a bastion of the progressive movement! https://mystudentvoices.com/the-hidden-trump-supporters-at-americas-most-liberal-college-f0b6892a6fe7
  5. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/arrest-and-prosecute-donald-j-trump-incitement-violence-legal-precedent-brandenburg-v-ohio There is a petition going around to arrest Donald Trump for incitement of violence at his rallies. He has done so many terrible things from making fun of people with disabilities, to saying he would pay for the legal fees of anyone who punches people at his rallies and everything in between, such as racist comments and comments objectifying/degrading women. Billionaires shouldn't be immune to the law and should have to pay the price when breaking them. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/arrest-and-prosecute-donald-j-trump-incitement-violence-legal-precedent-brandenburg-v-ohio
  6. I just started up a YouTube channel based around politics and society from a progressive point of view. My first video is actually a video where I talk about Trump. You guys can check it out here https://youtu.be/slIaK3Ug6_I
  7. OK, so today I was reading google news and I came across a story that just made me crack up. I've been lurking these forums for some time, but this I thought was worth finally registering to post. Apparently this Mexican Immigrant decided to create a 3D model of the controversial Donald Trump and then 3D print it as a butt plug. Fernando Sosa immigrated to the US when he was 11, and quite frankly can't stand Trump. As the ultimate payback for comments he made, he went ahead and did what he does best, 3D model this unique toy (if you want to call it that). The full article is at http://3dprint.com/80787/donald-trump-butt-plug/ and I must admit some of Sosa's quotes are quite hysterical. My favorite:
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