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Found 3 results

  1. I bet most of us at least know someone who is struggling with everything and relying on the social safety net system for survival (and it is nothing more than survival for a lot of people). Meanwhile employers in the USA are reporting record profits and enjoying endless tax breaks. So they are basically straining both sides of the social safety net system by forcing people to rely on it and by not paying a dime into it. But just raising the minimum wage will not fix the problem because employers will just raise their prices further adding to inflation. Our Representatives could, however, pass a law something like: If any employer has employees on social safety net systems then that employer is not eligible for any state or federal tax breaks. There is no reason these guys shouldn't be required to help fix a problem that they are creating.
  2. He's got terrific foreign policy experience and knowledge. He's got terrific general experience, been a Senator, VP and he's well regarded in DC. He has an interesting story. Lost his wife and young daughter to a car crash as a young father and husband. Lost his son Beau a few years ago. He's been through tough times. Most of all, I think he can connect with Rust Belt voters with his Scranton background. He's viewed as a centrist, but I see him as a progressive who may be more inclined to push left because the world needs a left America. We need to be green, innovative, believing in science and pragmatism. And sure, he's prone to gaffes, but come on, Trump has blown up that train. Trump has a dozen gaffes a day. Biden's biggest gaffes aren't even a Monday afternoon story for Trump. Most of all, he can beat Trump. He can win PA, OH, WI and MI. He'll be able to punch back on Trump the way Hillary never could because of the appearance of it. Thoughts?
  3. No matter which party you belong to, if 2016 taught us anything it's that 'party elders' should not be involved in choosing Presidential candidates. Establishment Republicans thought Trump could never win and establishment Democrats thought Hillary couldn't lose. On the Republican side, Trump's supporters were able to overpower the establishment and win despite interference. On the Democrat side, however, Superdelegates ensured that party loyalty would supersede the will of the people. It's time to level the playing field so that in 2020, rather than yet again have two horrible candidates to choose from, we can ensure that the DNC stays OUT of the decision. Please sign this petition and take the first step towards repairing our system: https://www.change.org/p/democrats-should-be-democratic-no-more-superdelegates
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