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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am a new poster but I have been writing articles anonymously but only now have I started to write under my real name on my blog. What I want to ask the people of these forum is whether they believe can Liberalism and Islam go together?
  2. Is there anybody here promoting the ideas of progressivism? For those who do not know what they are here is a list composed by Robert Nisbet, American sociologist, professor at the University of California, Berkeley: value of the past nobility of Western civilization worth of economic/technological growth faith in reason and scientific/scholarly knowledge obtained through reason intrinsic importance and worth of life on earth To my mind some of this idea not only contradict to each other but also conflict with the notion of present-day liberalism. We tend to value the past much less than our conservative opponents. The past is usually something barbaric and Medieval for liberals. Euro-centrism is defined as one of the sins of Western civilization by liberals themselves. Economic and technological growth is praised by almost every political movement. Faith in reason is applicable to conservatives, liberals, Tea Party members and whoever takes part in the political process, that's the way political decisions should be made. Where are human rights and liberties btw? Here comes my question: is it really liberal ideology or progressivism should be considered a mix of political thoughts?
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