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  1. lol. that's very funny. the right hasn't even BEGAN to get violent yet. unlike you all and your antifa cronies. that's the difference between the right and the left. the right waits. because really? all the right wants to do is work a job, raise a family, blah-blah-blah. but once the left finally backs the right far enough into that corner? lol. BOOM!!!! then you got some timmy mcveigh $hit coming down the pipeline and the left sits down with their hair blown back and a stupid look on their face wondering.....gee. how the hell did that happen?........lol
  2. it could if he doesn't do the same tiresome bull$hit of nation rebuilding and occupation and all that crap. just send a few strategically placed missiles into the right targets. watch things go boom. leave the $hit in rubble. let THEM take care of the clean-up. mission accomplished.
  3. she is admittedly attempting to overthrow the constitutional government and implement a socialist one. this is called TREASON.
  4. no. it's NOT a given. the 2nd amendment wasn't written so people could hunt deer in the woods. it was written so people could rise up and shoot corrupt political figures.
  5. no. i think he's thinking VERY rationally. and i bet 80-90% of law enforcement everywhere feels the exact same way he does. AOC took it upon herself to constantly spit retarded and vile rhetoric which puts law enforcement officers in danger. you just had a guy last week who tried to bomb a law enforcement building and shoot officers while actually QUOTING the dumb bitch in his memoir. if anyone should be arrested for endangerment? it's HER.
  6. he may be reprimanded at his job for PR reasons, but i can guarantee there will be no criminal charges. he didn't do anything illegal.
  7. pfft. you have a dozen celebrities and dozens of others who have said crap like this and worse about trump. quit your f*cking whining, ya liberal dumb asses.
  8. it's not illegal to say someone needs to be shot without a direct or implied conspiracy to carry out the act.
  9. lol. how do you know? liberals automatically qualify as pedophiles just due to their support of the border jumping migrants who constantly traffick kids for sexual exploitation. anyone who supports open borders? supports pedophilia.
  10. lol. ol minnesota boy has in panties in such a twist he forgot to put his own words outside my quote.
  11. not with his insider source connections. i have to admit...i think hannity is kind of a jack ass on the personal level. there's just something about him that personally irritates me. but i'll sometimes watch his show because he usually ends up being right. maybe sometimes a bit exaggerated, but usually right. he does have some good sources in seemingly high ranking positions.
  12. lol. actually...it really WOULDN'T be a "bombshell" at this point in her career. nobody believes a word she says, anyway.
  13. lmao. 1. a wealthy man stating the obvious fact that when you are rich and famous that the women who gravitate towards you allow you to grope them or whatever you want is NOT sexual assault. in no way does his statement even imply the act was "against their will". it's just a captain obvious fact. if mick jagger would've said the EXACT same thing? everyone would've just nodded and laughed. 2. it was Trump that banned epstein from his resorts for inappropriate behavior with younger members of the staff. if you all wanna worry about epstein and any president? don't worry about trump. worry about clinton.
  14. how is the meme "racist"? why do idiot libs keep confusing muslims with a "race"?
  15. lol. can't wait for the IG report. especially given the fact that susan ohr is about to be summoned. and believe me. she's gonna turn.
  16. race is mentioned plenty of times in the bible. it just doesn't use the term "race". when the bible ,mentions certain "nations", it's actually referring to certain races or ethnicities. the word "adam" is actually a derivative of a hebrew word with "racial" meaning. the story of adam and eve could be interpreted as adam not being the first man, but the first caucasian man.
  17. it goes a little bit beyond that. if a human skeleton is found buried in a field, a scientist can look at the bone structure and DNA and determine definitely what race, sex, and age the person was when they died.
  18. better tell hillary that. as she's the only one that actually colluded with russia to get the steele dossier.
  19. lol. of course she's probably gonna win. she's from the bronx. i think it's rather humorous that you flushed your money down the toilet like that when you don't even live in the district she represents. lol. good job. maybe she'll buy herself a new gucci watch or something.
  20. i never said the military didn't want war. lol. if i was in the military? i'd want a little bit of war. probably a pretty f*cking boring profession without it. and yes....there are dems right now clamoring for an attack on iran. or....some of them. tulsi gabbard is an exception. too bad you people didn't have the brains to hand her the dem nomination. you might even have a chance in 2020. she's the only one of the batch that isn't bat-$hit crazy.
  21. i hope that's a joke. because both the dems and the gop in congress are beating the war drum on this. trump is actually being restrained while the dems and gop are WANTING an attack on iran.
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