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  1. lol. has your mom been talking about me again? ok. tell her sorry. but it's difficult to get a boner when she doesn't scrape the yeast infection out from underneath her size FF bamboom tits.
  2. jeez. and won't that be a crying shame. i'm sure i'll shed a few tears missing them almost as much the pterodactyls.
  3. oh my god. i should start a protest i'm not on this list. lol
  4. pfft. i'd never bang a saleswoman for anything less than a jaguar.
  5. it is, but most labor unions are tied to communism. the exceptions would be fascism and national socialism. hitler only abolished the communist labor unions. he nationalized 2 labor unions to replace them with, though.
  6. i don't have to try again. i've actually read mussolini. have you? because if you had, you'd know that mussolini was born and raised in a marxist socialist family and household and was a devout socialist until world war 1. in the war, he began to see the flaws in socialism and attempted to perfect it by infusing it with nationalism. he then wrote the doctrine of fascism. but it's core foundation is based in marxist socialism. maybe you should pull out a few books and read them before making a fool out of yourself. the fascists WERE a workers rights labor party.
  7. doesn't matter. because 90% of those requesting asylum disappear and never show up for their court date. they are no longer asylum seekers at that point. just straight up criminals.
  8. did you used to go under a different name here? lol. you remind me of someone that used to be here when i first came here.
  9. trump says he's gonna start defunding sanctuary cities. hopefully he does. it's not like he'll lose any votes by doing it. those $hitholes always vote democrat anyway.
  10. if they are backing off, someone must've finally got through to them that every time they go after trump, the more popular he becomes. shocking that it finally dawned on them, though. i wan't really expecting them to have the brains to figure it out.
  11. lol. you better flip through my past posts on the matter. i've always loved the fact that trump was impeached. i'm hoping you dumb asses are stupid enough to do it again. $hit. make it 3 times. 4 times. he'll beat it everytime. and his popularity will grow each and every time you try. lol
  12. then everyone will be working for a few select international corporations if he does that. because the independent individual small businesses will be a thing of the past.
  13. did you ever drink the tap water there inbetween street corner tricks?
  14. do they? why don't you ask the people in flint, michigan what about the outstanding job on that they were doing.
  15. that's good. the EPA was always a bureaucratic fraud. now at least it has some genuine substance to it.
  16. lol. they really all have went bat$hit crazy. i always knew liberals were pieces of $hit. but Trump has them off the charts bat$hit crazy pieces of $hit.
  17. lol...yeah. do me a favor. stand in front of a mirror and repeat what you just said 100 times. i just wanna see if you can see your own stupidity as clearly as the rest of us.
  18. does he? and do pray-tell why he would be afraid of the russian mafia. a man in his position?
  19. more like a badge of honor in this corrupt political climate.
  20. yeah. sure he is. that's why he consistently donates his presidential salary to charities. lol
  21. lol. so the bilionaire is the tool of the millionaire. ha ha, priceless. you all just keep going too far with the comedy.
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