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  1. no. what he's saying is that in a pure democracy? 2 states alone would basically decide the election. that would mean 48 states would be completely disenfranchised. that means that 48 states would suffer "taxation without representation". and if i remember right from the history books? this was the EXACT reason the founders started shooting muther f*ckers. get it?
  2. this is a republic and not a democracy. the founders warned against pure democracy. i believe one of them was on record as saying something like......"democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner".
  3. well...at least you admit that socialism=liberalism now. and the man that actually got booted out of his own socialism based "hippy-commune" when he was young for being a lazy, worthless piece of $hit is your hero. lol
  4. i really don't give a damn about byrd or his life enough to forgive him or not forgive him. i was merely pointing to him as evidence that the parties never "switched" as the false narrative implies.
  5. the KKK is completely obsolete now. has anyone on this board even actually met one? racist groups like blacklivesmatter actually are far more terroristic and powerful than the KKK in the modern world.
  6. did you see the facts presented in the video? or is this black woman just another "stupid token" in your estimation? you all keep it up, though. BLEXIT is more real than you are wanting to admit.
  7. he is a globalist. used to be a member of "the new party" before he became a democrat for political expediency. the new party was an offshoot of the CPUSA.
  8. hillary clinton called bob byrd her "mentor" just a couple years ago. he was a democrat during the jim crow era. and died a democrat a couple years ago. and was also a high ranking member of the KKK. proving the point that the party never changed views, but merely methods to keep blacks in chains. back when byrd first started out as a democrat? he kept blacks oppressed through segregation and such. when he died a democrat a couple years ago, he was still with the party keeping them in cages of section 8 ghettos and absolute government control through dependency. hillary's "mentor". lol
  9. because it's something they hate to talk about. democratic party policies have CAUSED every problem the black community has. they can't handle it when the truth is brought up.
  10. no. that's another false narrative. we just hated him because he was a communist. that are plenty of blacks out there i'd vote for. you people are the ones who see everything as a matter of race. most of us don't even think about it.
  11. there's plenty wrong with it. basically every point this hack makes is based upon false pretenses. the main false narrative is that it tries to incite the false narrative that patriotism is negative. it attempts to correlate patriotism with racism and hateful bigotry. put in another context, what this study is saying is that if someone burglarizes your house and you object? that you are "bigoted" against burglars robbing your house. which of course....anyone in their right f*cking mind should be prejudiced against burglars robbing their house. and on the authoritarian thing? lol. please. it's you libs that want more government control over everyone's life. especially everyone else but your own. you believe that having a degree makes a person smart only when that person is pushing YOUR personal agenda. but if a black man like ben carson has a degree and is actually a brain surgeon? you will call him an "uncle tom" and "token black" and other racist terms to essentially dismiss him as stupid simply because you want control of minority groupthink. and you people do this with EVERY black or minority person who doesn't carry your banner. so who is REALLY the racist?
  12. van drew wasn't the beginning. a democrat senator named Ludichak already did it in late november. it just didn't get any media play.
  13. look at all those democrats scolding that poor girl.
  14. are you gay? i mean that as a serious question. you don't seem to have much experience with women.
  15. one of the most astonishing examples of white liberal racism is their claim that voter ID laws are "racist". i hear them make this argument and i think......what? i personally don't know a single black person without a photo ID. you basically have to have one to survive. you can't get a job. you can't rent housing. can't buy a house. can't get a motel room. you can't get a bank account. you can't apply for public assistance. you can't go to school. you can't buy a car. can't rent a car. can't buy beer. can't buy cigarettes. can't buy a gun. basically...when they claimed voter ID is "racist"? they were essentially making the claim that they see black people as too stupid or inferior to obtain an ID. when the fact is? black people already HAVE IDs. CALLING voter ID "racist" is actually RACIST by definition.
  16. ok. you're actually right. i read it wrong. lol. i admit when i f*ck up. it rarely happens, but i admit when i do it.
  17. how confused you must be that the fox link provided in your dumb ass OP says APPROVAL is now at 53%. not disapproval. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  18. In October, Trump lashed out at Fox News after the network published a poll that found a majority of registered voters backed impeachment. Since that time, Trump has tried to create the false narrative that support for impeachment is waning. lol. there's no way you could have actually read that link you provided in the OP. what a f*cking thread fail. ha ha
  19. i'm sure he will wear it proudly. lol. all the way until january 2025. ha ha
  20. lol. you think those will be the only witnesses? and no. i'm not worried whatsoever about those witnesses being called. i want schiff on the stand, #1. and i know you don't think rudy made that ukraine trip right after the impeachment sham was announced for nothing. do really think top ukraine officials aren't going to testify on trump's behalf? what do you think rudy himself on the stand will accomplish for you? he can clam attorney/client privilege and not say a f*cking word. the fact is? it's the DEMS that have no case. they have ONE fact witness. and that witness flat out said he saw zero evidence trump did anything illegal. that's the idiot dems STAR WITNESS. their ONLY witness, as a matter of fact. the rest of that entire judiciary hearing was hearsay, speculation, and conjecture which are INADMISSIBLE. so the dems ONLY witness said trump did nothing illegal. ha ha. good luck, dunce.
  21. i've heard one senator make the claim that he would like to dismiss it. trump himself says he'll be happy to drag the trial out as long as it takes. many others in the gop also want a full blown trial. the truth is? YOU and the rest of your dumb ass klan better pray to your tree stumps that it IS just dismissed. because a full blown trial would be the LAST thing any idiot lib could possibly want.
  22. we're getting ready to see the truth in an ACTUAL trial. you know....one that actually abides by law? the question is....are YOU ready for the truth?
  23. but he never violated the constitution. he can refuse to comply with those subpeonas. happens all the time. according to law, the judiciary committee was then supposed to send the matter to a federal court to COMPEL him to comply. only then, would he have been doing something illegal. trump knew that, and so did the dems. most of them are lawyers. they KNEW that.
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