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  1. how are anti-vaxxers spreading measles if vaccines work? obviously you have no faith in your own vaccines. the only people spreading disease in this country are the open border liberals.
  2. exactly. i really wish they would start impeachment proceedings. they won't, though. they aren't quite that stupid. or...maybe they are. they've proven themselves to be pretty f*cking retarded these past couple years. but yeah. if they were to go there? trump would have the biggest landslide victory in presidential history come 2020.
  3. yeah. poor people. that's why they're all pictured with iphones and wearing designer clothes. lol
  4. which of course...never happened. but don't let facts get in the way of your own stupidity. the only election fraud going on in 2016 was the the tally of illegal immigrant votes and votes from the grave.
  5. pretty much what i was thinking. obama can't even carry the umbrella for his own she-male "wife". and he-she also looks as if she's drenched. lol
  6. removing the electoral college would result in taxation without representation for all but 3 states in the country. you might wanna keep in mind that this was the exact same reason the founding fathers started shooting muther f*ckers.
  7. the only thing going tick-tock is that vibrating dildo you have a timer set on ready to explode your assguts out come november 2020.
  8. your dumb ass couldn't even take both houses.
  9. your azzhole is 37% wider ater the 2016 election. just imagine the gaping hole you'll have after 2020.
  10. lol. your blue wave was minimal compared to the red wave during obama's 1st midterm failure. so don't flatter yourself, dumb ass.
  11. you mean the problem is that we have a constitutional republic instead of a communist banana democracy.
  12. too bad your ignoramus party only has one candidate who even has a snowball's chance in hell of beating him. and he's at the bottom of the list as far as winning the primary. but....i do look forward to you throwing your little meme tantrum come election night. it should be a fabulous display of your retardation in full bloom. lol
  13. lol. yeah. them polls worked out so well for you dumb asses last election. your faith in them should make 2020 even more hilarious than 2016.
  14. i don't think most of them have actually read the roe v wade ruling. it clearly states in the ruling itself that women DO NOT have an absolute right to an abortion. if this case ever goes back in front of the scotus? it's very likely to be overturned.
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