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  1. lol. every time an idiot lib even utters the word "russia"? his IQ drops by 10 points.
  2. their pathetic party is toast. that's why they are so pathetically desperate right now. they know it. i know it. you know it. everyone knows it. Trump has demolished the democratic party. everyone knows it.
  3. lol. 50 troops. 50 meaningless soldiers. 50 men who weren't doing jack $hit, anyway. 50 tin soldiers. 50 bottles of beer on the wall. 50 hookers all dressed like your mom. 50 blow jobs in a brothel. 50 cent rapping "in da club". 50 dicks in your ass, bitch......no one cares. sorry.
  4. you don't even know. lol. that's what i thought. want me to tell you? his name is Azazel.
  5. lol. you're the only one backtracking, you moron. he's punishing muslims and kurds. so what? he's already been putting financial heat on turkey over NATO. this is nothing new. so i guess YOU need to decide when to stop backtracking. lol
  6. lol. so he stops wasting money saving worthless ass kurds and starts making america money slamming tariffs on turkey? and you call this a 180? ha ha. this is simply classic trump. trade deals is his forte. god damn, you people are dumb. the troops ARE still pulled out though....right? lol. i mean...the troops ARE still pulled out. right?
  7. lol. because everything you've been posting on this shenanigan has just proven so truthful so far. so thanks for the update of you making a fool out of yourself again.
  8. well shouldn't you write them a letter then and tell them that coal is bad for the environment? i'd really hate to distress you and others by creating my own carbon footprint even within the depths of hell.
  9. ha ha. kurds are dying. ha ha. kurds are dying. yippy-f*cking-skippy. kurds are dying. lol
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