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  1. trump doesn't even compare to the racism and hatred of these 4 whore-ass congresswomen. they are the most bigoted $luts in DC.
  2. central americans are very racist against mexicans. really? all non-mexican hispanics are very racist against mexicans.
  3. lol. yeah. what's laughable is how he's been pulling this same $hit ever since he first threw his hat is the primary ring, and he's been steadily kicking you alls ass everytime he does it...but you're still too f*cking retarded to see it coming. lol
  4. Trump's timing on these tweets, as always, was brilliant. Anyone who believes he doesn't know exactly what he's doing when he pulls a stunt like this? Is an idiot. Lol. This is his game. He's been doing it for 3 years. The media will focus on its stupid false narrative of "racism" once again. But that narrative once again will become "the boy who cried wolf" within a couple weeks. And then Trump will have the entire Democrat party looking like it defended radical America-hating socialists, so as even the moderates such as Biden will end up looking like radicals. I tell ya...the man is the most skilled troll I've ever seen. Lol. I can't believe the idiot libs keep falling for it.
  5. their election wouldn't count if they even tried it. it would be the state completely denying it's citizens a free and fair election.
  6. no. her citizenship is based on a marriage that was completely illegal.
  7. lol. yeah-yeah-yeah. blah-blah-blah. you're like the dumbest muther f*cker here. lol
  8. there's actually grounds to deport ohmar, and steps should be taken to do just that. she's an america-hating traitor.
  9. the fact is? people pretend that those lynchings happened just because of skin color. and that's false. the majority of them happened because the blacks being lynched committed some heinous crime. they weren't just hung for no reason at all.
  10. the idiot libs have become globalist america haters. they know they can never stay in political power with only american citizen votes. they're steadily losing more and more of the black vote. their manipulative marxist mind games of identity politics is going stale. less and less minorities are falling for it, anymore. so they basically have to import a voting block. which is exactly what they are doing.
  11. i don't give a $hit about the lives of central americans or anyone else not a US citizen.
  12. where he own property isn't the point. that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. if i was a billionaire? i'd own property everywhere, too. any smart man would. that's not the point. lol. have you even been reading? lol
  13. a group of INTERNATIONALIST billionaires bent on erasing all national borders in order to more easily manipulate global markets in order to enslave all peoples at an equal level of global poverty. but trump is a nationalist. and THAT is the difference. he will f*ck the entire globalist system just to "make america great". why? probably not out of patriotism. probably out of pure narcissism. but it don't really matter to me. because whether his motives are pure narcissism or american patriotism? MY life becomes better if he wins. and that's all i care about.
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