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  1. you should be very excited that your star witness is another convicted liar. lol. i believe we've seen this one before, haven't we? more than once. and both other times you all were made fools of. but....glad to see you all still sticking with the same ol' asinine plan. lol
  2. yes. given his record for constantly doing this exact same thing ever since he tossed his hat into the political arena? yes.
  3. they are blithering morons because they underestimated trump from the beginning. he has essentially baited them into outing themselves for what they are and have been for decades...socialist traitors. THEY do understand on some level what's about to happen. that's why they're so desperate. the facade is crumbling. and he's baited them into this kind of desperate cover-up attempt as kind of a last-ditch effort to try to persuade the american people that he's a criminal. it's a classic alinsky ploy, but it won't work. not now. trump handed them the rope and they are about to kick the chair out from under themselves.
  4. well hey...even IF that is the case? the idiot libs have no one to blame but themselves. they presented their bogus articles of impeachment based on total garbage. that's the case THEY presented. and by constitutional rules of due process? that's the ONLY case the defense is required to acknowledge. don't blame trump because the congressional dems are blithering morons.
  5. actually....no. not fact whatsoever. as a matter of FACT? any lawyer when they know they are handed a winning case from the get-go? would heavily advise AGAINST bringing more people than necessary into the shenanigan. that's the one thing about you idiot libs trump has in his favor......you don't understand $hit about anything. but....you might be in luck. because i think trump actually WANTS witnesses brought forward in this case, no matter what an attorney might advise. i think it's been his plan from the beginning. but i just don't think it's gonna work out the way you want it to. lol
  6. the time for calling witnesses isn't even here yet. that's what the dumb ass dems keep trying to pretend. but it's not the way it works. they passed the articles with basically zero real evidence. they were supposed to already have REAL evidence BEFORE it got passed to the senate. so now they get to make their case based on the flimsy nonsense they passed the articles on. then they get to waddle their dumb asses off the senate stage and let the REAL trial begin.
  7. it was one of his campaign promises. another one being fulfilled. don't see why anyone finds his strategies shocking or surprising anymore. he voluntarily handed over a transcript of a telephone conversation that catapulted this entire impeachment proceeding and he didn't even have to do it. kind of like baiting a mousetrap. but....he's been playing this game for 3 years now. lol. funny how the idiot libs just keep falling for it.
  8. no one is really interested in the dems repeating themselves over and over with their same ol' tiresome conspiracy theories and cover-ups for THEIR OWN corruption. we've heard it all before time and time again. it will be interesting to see and hear the trump defense team though. because THAT side of the story we haven't heard yet.
  9. #1. what crimes? there are no crimes listed within the articles. 2. this trial isn't about trump. it's about the corruption within the obama admin. and the FISA court or the applications filed within have everything to do with the REAL election tampering that happening.
  10. i'm not sure if Roberts can preside over this trial if anything related to the FISA court scandal is brought up during this shenanigan. he's a material witness in that investigation. seems like there would be conflict of interest there and immediate grounds for appealing any decision rendered.
  11. they made their point without violence. at least this time..... https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/va-democrats-drop-ar-15-ban-after-thousands-of-2a-supporters-storm-capitol/
  12. he never once said the word nazis. as a matter of fact, any neo-nazi presence there was minimal, although i realize the fake news you watch tried to imply otherwise. i mean.....you can try to spread your horse$hit all you like. but the fact is? it's horse$hit.
  13. of course i don't want PEOPLE to die. just communists.
  14. because they are the polar opposite of the effeminate male feminist. in the 1st place, i believe the very word "narcissist" is an overused word nowadays. much like "racist" or "misogynist" or "fascist". the original root of the word stems from the mythology of Narcissus and Echo. Narcissus never hurt anyone except for Narcissus. he loved echo and echo adored him. he of course, loved himself, also. the moral of the story was not to take self-love to a self-destructive place. but today? the word narcissist is basically just another way of saying "sociopath". the term has been confused and abstracted, much like a lot of words in today's modernist language have been.
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