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  1. Fun stuff: http://www.counterpunch.org/2006/10/01/the-socially-conservative-male/
  2. The 60's liberals were met with serious violence from the government. Some groups like the Weathermen and the Black Panthers fought back with violence in return, but were they were quite literally destroyed. The movement as a whole realized that change would require high degrees of blood shed, which went against their core belief; they turned the movement inward, as in Gandhi's words, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Then in the early 70's marketing researchers like Daniel Yankelovich, realized that the cultural movement started in the 60's was a marketable resource. It resulted in the movement being integrated into mainstream society. Media campaigns eventually served to discredit the remaining hard-core members with a more modern application of the Mohawk Valley formula. Personally, I think the liberal movement needs to find a new revolutionary aesthetic. The Neoliberal movement, in my opinion, has nothing to do with grassroots liberalism, it was always been an establishment concoction.
  3. http://www.cognitivepolicyworks.com/blog/2012/06/22/the-real-reason-conservatives-always-win/
  4. I agree. In philosophic terms this is known as dialectical materialism.
  5. Conservatives? If you're referring to the kind like my grandparents who wore sensible shoes and drove a Chevrolet, then sure. But if you’ve noticed, they are all dead, so as for the new kind … absolutely not!
  6. It seems it is a liberal paradox -- much like this forum, allowing the freedom to undermine destroy itself.
  7. Its difficult to answer if you dont already know, but Id generally say (in current terms) that youre pretty much OK with things as they are politically. You label yourself a Democrat, but you automatically assume that represents a left wing political position. You feel the system still works and are not unduly inconvenienced by current policies. Things that fall outside of the popular political arena are not on your radar. I agree to a point, however, I think that the moderation on this forum is way too lax. After all it is called the Liberal Forum and weve already had to sacrifice the No Holds Barred section. This post should be evidence that the popular argument that no conflict can arise in a forum where everyone thinks the same way, just doesnt hold water. There are degrees of liberalism after all.
  8. I think he means you’re complicit with right wing thought.
  9. I think it’s true that there are currently more conservatives than liberals. The word conservative doesn’t convey what the movement really is, but it is the most widely accepted word for it, so that’s what I’ll use. If you look at the Democratic party for the last forty years or so, it has moved to the right each election cycle to attract more votes (to ride the coattails of Republican election success.) Currently Democrats represent a centrist position at best. Republicans invest more money in the system. It attracts more corporate money, it attracts more behavioral scientists who develop strategies, and it affords more media time. Over time, this becomes ingrained in society. It molds the populous and drives society to reflect the conservative ideal. It controls the purse strings, influences our educational system, and replicates itself in the minds of the next generation, or dumbs them down. To look at the really big picture, in tough economic times throughout history, people tend to become conservative, when times are good, they’ll be more liberal. The U.S. rode the wave of the post WWII boom until the 1970’s (it started to downturn in the late 1950’s, but was fully spent by the end of the 1970’s). Reaganomics was birthed and several so called bubble economies have inflated and popped since then. There have been some rather desperate attempts to return to the booming 1950’s by recreating the historic events that created it – military spending, etc. The populous who are driven more by their emotions and fears, appeal to their God with increasing religious conservatism, which politicians take advantage of in the name of values. The problem with worshiping the best of economic times is that it is unsustainable. If a sine wave to represents the ups and downs of an economy, the best one could ever hope for is the mean average. The U.S. has taken the high points of the economy and made them their norm. When people talk about returning to the good old days, they really mean they want to return to the boom times. It’s not realistic. So, I feel the wave of conservatism will be with us for a while and will probably grow for some time, until the populous has literally nothing to lose and the seeds of revolution one again germinate.
  10. While I share many of the same sentiments of the OP, this kind of divisive language is likely to do liberal causes more harm than good. It’s times like this when the more strictly regimented ranks of the political right have an advantage. We all really have a responsibility to think about what we say; modern media’s ability to propagate messages more quickly and thoroughly, and the human tendency to be attracted to negative imagery can do real damage to a cause I feel needs serious attention. We have to out-think the political right with messages that do the cause more good – that shouldn’t be too hard to do.
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