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  1. While the uneducated "deplorables" live under delusions like the following: more and more of the WORLD are asking themselves, Why can't WE be more like these SOCIALIST countries ????
  2. Unlike American ignoramuses, the Germans KNOW what NAZI means and WHO the modern equivalents of Adolf Hitler are, as they illustrated in this "BLOND is the new BROWN" float in a carnaval in Dusselforf
  3. The problem is that you are the kind of Christian who supports a president who regularly devotes his time on national television not just telling "little white lies", and not just "breaking" the IX th You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor," but DEMOLISHING that commandment! You claim that . "I study these things." Do you actually imagine that a "true believer" in the bible, and the importance of the Ten Commandments, can stand by and NOT OBJECT to Donald Trump's constantly "bearing false witness against" not just ONE neighbor, but a whole party of fellow Americans, not just on one occasion, but ALL DAY, EVERY DAY ! Can the God that you believe in tolerate this kind of CONTEMPT FOR HIS LAW?
  4. You are a REALLY STRANGE immigrant if you are so confused about legal vs. ILLEGAL imigration, as Rolling Rock" points out: "You're confused. Most of these people are showing up at the border seeking asylum. They're not crossing the border and getting caught doing so. Seeking asylum is a legal process and most of these people are following the rules. Also, a first-time offense of trying to cross the border is considered a misdemeanor under the law. Should we be ripping kids out of their mothers' arms for jaywalking? If not, we shouldn't be doing it for this either."
  5. If you CONSERVATIVES had a shred of honesty, you would have to admit that We LIBERALS complained bitterly over Obama's efforts at appeasement to YOUR HATRED OF IMMIGRANTS:
  6. Rather than just moan and groan about it, I've developed a way to challenge them to either FOLLOW THE LIBERAL JESUS OF NAZARETH, or STOP CLAIMING TO BE "CHRISTIANS" ! See http://WhatWouldJesusThink.info
  7. Harry, the REASON that "his kind never changes", is that "conservatives" have been allowed to get away with MASS MURDER, as they did with the Jewish Holocaust, by calling themselves "Christians" and "Roman Catholics", as I show at http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/RC_scandal . They have never been recognized and punished as the agents of the holocaust that they were!!!
  8. Thanks, Duck615, for displaying what scum so many Conservatives are! But aren't you supposed to be on THEIR side ? In the meantime, we Liberals will continue our unstoppable march toward victory in
  9. After checking Snopes (just to be on the safe side) I found the graphic that I used above to be erroneous. And so, as a true liberal who stands for FACTS and TRUTH, I am not going to use this graphic again and hope that no other liberal does.
  10. If you've been around here for a while, you should "NO" the answer !!!
  11. If Trump Zombies have got this tattoo on their NECK maybe they can just let their hair grow long, but if it's on their BRAIN, there may not be any remedy!
  12. It's been LONGER THAN THAT ! Enough already of this GOP business-man superiority crap !
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