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  1. Well in 2012, many people that have no business voting in our elections, made their voices heard. The democrat party needs foreigners into the country because their values do not align with the majority of Americans'.
  2. Of course. Trump will expose her for the calculated liar and crook that she is. But in the end, do you really think it'll matter? I mean, king obama is giving millions of taxpayer money to make illegals citizens with the stipulation that they vote democrat. We just might be out voted come November. Morals and truth will not matter anymore in America, and that is a shame.
  3. Well apparently, the actual voters have no say in who the nominee is? The guy only won his home state, that's it. If the GOP plans to deliberately disregard 85% of their voting base, to coronate one of their good old boys, they will be playing with fire.
  4. This guy is seriously delusional! He definitely needs to rush to the doctor to be put on some psychotic meds! He's already planning to be nominee? WTF? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/kasich-confirms-hes-vetting-potential-vp-picks/article/2589393
  5. Yea, lefties get their panties in a waddle over anything that conflicts with their whacked-out viewpoints these days.
  6. Ok, say your dream comes true and crooked Hillary becomes President. She sends in ground troops and follows the "Bush doctrine." Our troops capture some ISIS, but we need vital intel. What do you propose we do?
  7. Well what action do you suppose that we do to people who don't abide by the Geneva Conventions and chop our heads off?
  8. If this is your outlook, why are you voting for Miss Duke Nukem?
  9. Even though I think that Trump will utterly destroy crooked Hillary, the Republican party is so fragmented that it might not matter. Many Cruz supporters say they will never vote for Trump, ever. No matter what, and the same goes for Trump supporters. Bernie supporters are pretty vocal about not supporting Hillary, but come the fall, they'll fall in line. So a united democrat party will win- no matter who the GOP nominates.
  10. Hillary also wants to use our money to fight sunny days. How anyone can support one of those global warming freaks is beyond me? Do you really think that crooked Hillary will defeat ISIS, or do you think this is just more campaign rhetoric?
  11. Trump wants to decimate ISIS. How can anyone disagree with that? Other then that, he's pretty much non-interventionist. In the general, Hillary will run to his right on foreign policy. Giving the middle finger to all of Bernie's supporters who sold their souls and voted for her.
  12. If you absolutely love neocon foreign policy, Hillary is probably your candidate. I mean, she's aligned with George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld on pretty much everything concerning foreign policy, which makes her the ideal candidate for the big bankers. Everything Bernie is railing against. So what possible incentive do Bernouts have to support her? The only things differentiating Hillary from Rove and Bush are her social views and the fact that she talks about Jesus a little less.
  13. Yep, the legal ones anyway. After all, he loves Mexico, he employs 1000s of Mexicans! lol
  14. No if the House had to decide who was the winner between Trump and Sanders. They would choose Bernie over Trump in a heartbeat.
  15. Except the black lives matter movement. They ripped his microphone from him at his rally, and he stood there like he was emasculated!
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