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  1. Market up again today in anticipation of a Clinton victory. The market doesn't like uncertainty so it's a good indication of what they think will happen..
  2. That's going to piss off the whiny little bitch.. Lose the election and then this???? HAPPY DAYS are here again.
  3. You should have told them you're a democrat. That would have had them laughing their asses off.
  4. He also probably used the term " Freedom Fries " more than once.
  5. Coward still can't answer a simple question. The crackpot conspiracy theorist now claims to know what 33,000 people were thinking.
  6. This is hysterical...you'll never have a real victory thread so limp dick has to fake one. Lmao
  7. The worthless spammer is up early. He knows this is his last day before liberals take over the map
  8. Bush started that program you imbecile. How did you get so stupid?
  9. Only someone as freaking crazy as Turdzilla thinks these lies are going to matter with one day before America elects our first woman president.
  10. Liar..but I can ACCURATELY say that in every post you write.
  11. Watch North Carolina since they'll have early results. Trump needs this one to win. Hillary doesn't. She's now ahead by 2 points. If she takes NC tomorrow you can go to bed early and know she'll be President in the morning.
  12. Bye bye doofus. Trump : There are polls Im winning Reporter: Which ones are they? Trump: They're not available to the public. Lol This happened tonite. This is the lying moron you support.. America flushes you DEPLORABLES tomorrow.
  13. She went out in fine fashion tonight in the cradle of liberty with Bruce, Bon Jovi, Bill, the Prez and First Lady.
  14. Why would I? I don't care enough. But you have been exposed as a dishonest putz who is scared to answer a question. You know you said it..which is why you're deflecting to " links"
  15. Hillary has been in the lead for 98 straight days. Just heard this on CNN.
  16. This poor pathetic deplorable can't even muster the energy to write anything than 3 word sentences.. Even he knows his pussy grabber is toast but doesn't have the balls to admit it..
  17. Many Republicans decided that Mr. Trumps already shaky campaign was over. Some despondent young staff members at the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill, who usually work late into the night in the final stretches of a campaign, took to leaving their desks early, in time for happy hour at bars. They complained that Mr. Trump had not just lost the election but was dragging down House and Senate candidates, dooming the entire party. In the final days of the presidential campaign, Mr. Trumps candidacy is a jarring split screen: the choreographed show of calm and confidence orchestrated by his staff, and the neediness and vulnerability of a once-boastful candidate now uncertain of victory. Good article Pogo
  18. I almost felt bad for Romney and McCain( almost) when they lost but I'm going to take great delight in watching this arrogant bully get humiliated by a woman. His worst nightmare is losing to a woman.
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