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  1. Market up again today in anticipation of a Clinton victory. The market doesn't like uncertainty so it's a good indication of what they think will happen..
  2. That's going to piss off the whiny little bitch.. Lose the election and then this???? HAPPY DAYS are here again.
  3. You should have told them you're a democrat. That would have had them laughing their asses off.
  4. He also probably used the term " Freedom Fries " more than once.
  5. Coward still can't answer a simple question. The crackpot conspiracy theorist now claims to know what 33,000 people were thinking.
  6. This is hysterical...you'll never have a real victory thread so limp dick has to fake one. Lmao
  7. The worthless spammer is up early. He knows this is his last day before liberals take over the map
  8. Bush started that program you imbecile. How did you get so stupid?
  9. Only someone as freaking crazy as Turdzilla thinks these lies are going to matter with one day before America elects our first woman president.
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