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  1. The country and fact checkers have Trump pegged as the biggest liar of all time in presidential politics. One lie every one minute of speaking.
  2. Bump Like when you post pictures and conspiracy theories that come straight from Russian bloggers working for Putin? Those type of principles?
  3. You'll find a home with the Aryan Nation who found their home cuddling up to Trump because they identified with his policies. Make sure you send us a picture in your hood and robe. Oh..and don't forget you said if Hillary wins you're leaving the forum. Have the courage of your convictions.
  4. Don't worry Hillary will turn on the light ..and then all you cockroaches will scatter back into the wall.
  5. There was a great Full Frontal with Samantha Bee this week. She wanted to get to the root of where all these right wing conspiracies are coming from. So she went to Russia and found two Russian bloggers to sit and talk to her with masks covering their faces of course. They said there are thousands of them posting on Facebook, the NYT and all over our media. They each have hundreds of American names and post as Americans and push the Trump agenda. Their job is to work for Putin which glories Mother Russia. Samantha showed some of these Hillary pictures that Be A Loser and the alt - right uses.. i.e. One was that looked like a wire on Hillary's back at the debate. Im sure most saw it...LOSER used it in his posts. The Russian Blogger said they're very good at creating false realities like that.... in the name of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Loser falls for them all... the gullible unametican swine that he is. This is absolutely true and explains a hell of lot of how Be A Loser gets his ammo to smash Hillary with.
  6. Brought to my Putin and Assange... Now they wouldn't lie would they, comrade?
  7. Comey said what Hillary did ...did not rise to the level of anything criminal... nothing indictable. It's over, putz... your lies and bullshit didn't work again. This one was a left cross to your jaw. Tuesday is the knockout punch. Can't wait to stand over you counting to 10.
  8. Be a Loser must be drinking heavily right now eyeing those bottles of pills in his medicine cabinet wondering if he should down them all. Email investigation OVER. Clinton's -148 Loser still nothing.
  9. Be a Loser thinks we live in a banana republic. Send your opponent directly to jail. But when Hillary wins on Tuesday he's leaving the forum as he promised. Right loser?
  10. Shhhhh if he knows you're here this late at night he'll start hitting on you again... the dirty ole bastard.
  11. This is going to blow Be A Loser's mind. Monica Lewinsky is voting for Hillary. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA See my thread on it.
  12. Chinagate. Fostergate, Gates up the wazoo yet in January she will become the most powerful person on earth. Stick that gate up your delusional ass.
  13. BWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAThe neo nazi site for white supremacists. A perfect marriage
  14. Be a Loser: The ONLY reason the Clintons didn't see jail is because they owned the DOJ, just like Lynch is protecting them now. Lmao Conspiracy theory # 1,654,078

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