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  1. Ok. If you must know. I have XX chromosomes (female) First off, I'm curious to whether you know any of the answers to these questions, or if you are only trying to sound smart. You know, I could look up the answers to some of these but I am not going to, because I am not a cheat, ok. Muffler question, I did look that up because I was curious, there does not seem to be a set price there. It is a sliding scale. I mean, I could argue that it is difficult to find a set answer for anything, simply because the perspective changes depending on who you ask, for most things, at least. American history, sure you could say that's set in stone, but also open to interpretation, highly debated (just look at the constitution.) And... factual? We never know, as none of us were actually there to see it happen.
  2. First of all, I want to thank you. Not only have you addressed the argument with great ease, you have also proved your point to a level that I cannot even begin to think about how to disprove you. You had me at "12yr.-old......when your mother,........single, lonely,......started walking around the house.....in just her panties & bra" The intelligence of this statement is so riveting, that I literally do not know how to argue with you. I mean, you seriously make it difficult.
  3. hello. no comment on my gender. maybe i am a girl. maybe im your dad. hah. alright. lets hear your questions then. im listening.
  4. Is there even a majority or a minority? What do we define as a minority? Is it healthy to attempt to place the importance of the minority over the majority because they may have faced discrimination? A minority is defined as: The smaller in number of two groups forming a whole. A group or party having fewer than a controlling number of votes. A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part. So. The word "minority" has many different possible definitions; whether racial/ethnic, religious, sexual, or even in regards to wealth (contrasting the wealthiest to the majority of the "poorer" population.) You could even consider people with certain health problems or disabilities as minorities. Really, the word minority is an umbrella term. Pretty much anyone could be considered a minority based on trait differences and differences in social status. We are, as a country, diverse. So does that not male "minorities" the majority? How do we distinguish between the normal minorities and the ones deserving of special treatment? Where do we draw the line? Is it fair to paint some minorities as martyrs for struggles that they have faced when other minorities have faced struggles as well? Where does the discrimination stop? (LMAO) Seriously. I need all of you to help me figure this out.
  5. Theoretical question. I just wonder why people care so much. I have no party affiliation. I think that it is all a load of crap. Do people seriously think that their vote matters? We don't know if the votes are counted properly, even. Do people seriously trust the government blindly? We would be a lot better off without the government. If they were destroyed and rebuilt the world would be a better place.
  6. If there is a hell we all go there. This is all part of being human. Personally, I would rather go to hell, there are less rules, haha. I would not get along with God or the angels. I think I would be bored AF listening to their harp playing. Why the hell would I want to go to a place like that. Apparently heaven was created by a bunch of ancient priests who had nothing better to do. I'll pass.
  7. Obviously, as a nation, we are very divided. This is apparent everywhere we go. From here, on the internet, to family, gatherings, workplaces; simply our every day life. How did the country get so divided? Why are we always asked to take a stance on matters, but seem to have no say when it comes down to us as individuals? If you look at who is feeding us this information that is the instrument for our division, we see that it is coming from media sources. We do not know who controls the media, really; it could be anyone; the government, rich businessmen and corporations, whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes. The government is largely invisible to us, the people. We have no clue what they are doing, they seem to have a mind of their own, and in reckless abandon make choices that the American people do not even vote on. To distract us from their bad behaviour, they polarize us. Allow me to take a look at Black Lives Matter. I have absolutely no problem with any race or nationality. I am white. But issues like this are designed to create tension between certain groups of people. We are not one another's enemies. Same goes for the party system. Democrat or Republican; we are pitted against one another. Vaccinated or Anti vaccinated. Trump supporter or Trump hater. The list goes on. All Donald Trump did was voice the opinions of many people who are just as oppressed by the system as people who would call them oppressors. Nothing in this country is fair; I repeat, nothing. The people are not to blame for the problems, and we are not to blame for the shitty way the country is being run. the blame that is passed onto us for things that we did not even do. We are not to blame for the drama started between our country and other nations. The government does all of this because their leash has gotten so long and their owner, (who is supposed to be the people as a cohesive unit) has gotten so polarized that we can no longer control them. I am not saying that people shouldn't have their opinions. In fact, I fully support that each person does whatever they would like. What I am against is control and brainwashing by what I would consider a bunch of lying, corrupt, criminals. Head over to your nearest prison. Would you put one of those guys in the white house? I didn't think so. So then, why are these people in office and not thrown out in the streets for gross misconduct? I'll tell you why; money. Either you got it or you don't, and with money comes an education, and with knowledge comes power, power to obtain even more money, and a position too. IN that case, it does not matter how much of a trashy corrupt lowlife someone is; if they've got money, they can get into politics. What a joke, huh? So tell me. Why are we the people allowing these pigs to tell us what to do? Isn't it about time we join together and teach those assholes a lesson? I am of the opinion that what is broken cannot be fixed. You can glue a broken cup together temporarily, but as soon as you pour hot water in it, it will break. The best course of action is to get rid of what is not working and start over from the beginning. Radical change and destruction of what does not work is the way to go.
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