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  1. The root of my problem with Generation Y, is a series of things, to make it easier to understand, I'll separate the issues in a list. #1. I'm not really part of a generation, I don't see things the way that people think that a "generation" typically or stereotypically is supposed to see them. Here is why. On August 11th, 1986, my mom was 36 years old, just over 1 year older than I am today. But that 36 year old in 1986, was born in 1950. Policies and way of life back then made 36, the psychological and psycho-social equivalent to about 50 today. I am no where near as mature as today at age 34, as she was in 1986 when she was 36. And growing up, she obviously got older still. By the time I was 10, she was 46.. My dad was even older, he was 43 years old, in 1986 when I was born. And he was in the military. He was easily, psychologically a and socially 70 or 80. Considering all the factors that made his personality. I have no generation Y siblings. One is just a few years too young to be called a boomer.. And one is a generation X. And one would actually be a boomer, if he survived birth. #2. Most white members of generation Y come from the suburbs. They take peace, they take clean, they take healthy and they take safe, and prosperity for granted. I come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. None of those things I take for granted.. I seek those things and I celebrate when I get those things. #3. I am physically 34 years old, I have no physical problems whatsoever.. In fact, I'll tell you right now, that my body is one is hell of a well oiled bio-mechanical machine, and one of the best out there. I'm as good now as I was at 12, improved through growing. Bottom line. Humans make mistakes and fuck up.. And that sometimes comes at the cost of ones health.. But I am in the human world, where a lion in his prime should be. Generation Y is now between 24 and 38 years old. That puts me a very big physical advantage. I have my demons of course.. But I am very experienced, how so, I don't know.. But I have been said to run psychologically and socially old. These two are basically having the cake, and eating too... Strength and Vision. It doesn't make a lot of friends.
  2. And now also, the first time in American history that the oldest of the three living adult generations is also the ones going to jail the most....at least amongst white people... Is the Boomers. For violence.
  3. Why do boomers call themselves the responsible family values generation, when the things that influenced them are Betty boop, a cartoon prostitute... And pro wrestling which glorifies violent behavior.... The Looney tunes which is rife with violence and back then, also racism too? And westerns which glorifies gun violence. In America, they are the second heaviest alcohol drinkers after the wild west era. And now they are the ones dying the most from illegal drugs ? So I'd say that "ok boomer" is a pretty damn pathetically light sentence.
  4. I was asked if I could execute a woman., Especially a white woman who I can psychologically identify with. I answered back saying... Who has been most responsible for my education, and my healthcare ? He said, women. I said, riighhht..lol and bingo was his name-o.. Lol I showed him a promo video of israeli merkava mark 4 tanks firing at night.. I said that has been me a whole lot of times defending women with my fists lol... Has my tank of love ever been refueled ? Lol He said no.. I said...and why is that ? He said... Asperger's.. Discrimination.. I said...and bingo was his name-o... Then I said, So where's the needle? Lol He said that he's sorry. Lol
  5. He didnt have anything to say, he was trying to come with something to say.
  6. After the question designed to make him think about the realities, he got up and went.
  7. I asked a 17 year old troubled teenager this question.. Clearly you don't work, you are are unemployable, and it wouldn't matter if you were an adult, you are unemployable with this behavior.. If you were 54, you would still be unemployed. You see, employers have a business to run. And guess what ? Unemployability is one strike toward incompetency, the loss your rights as an adult. So... You tell me... In what way do you think it's fair, ok.. For you to live in your parents house, eat their food, wear clothes that that they buy, sleep in a bed that they bought... And for you to run up their electric bill, their water bill, their gas bill, their phone bill... And for their car to run out of gas, need oil changes, need new tires and need new brakes, and need to be washed, faster than it would without you... While you sit here and abuse them... And then won't go to rehab ? You know what that is ? That's robbery, and slavery. You are using your parents. They have a right to be rid of their tumor, which you are. Now get your ass up.... Move.
  8. I told a baby boomer that I don't care how hard he claims he had it in Vietnam nor how bad he didn't want to be there, or why he was in the military.. You used your influence to help foster the anti Americanism I face today.. Then I punched him.
  9. When the police detectives knocked on my door about my dealings on Quora... I told the police that I'm facing anti American sentiment by a whole gaggle of unruly alcoholics drunks over there in Europe, who have no regulation about alcohol, be it most appropriate drinking age based on medical science or responsible consumption behavior... And who have alcohol related mental and emotional health problems that are never addressed over there. And secondly, let me tell you this too, because you're just a cop, you might not know, with all due respect... That Brit over there called the British police, who contact Quora... And then Quora contacted American police.. Well, the Brit over there is under what is called the magna Carta. Since he called the cops on me, I'm going to just going tell you people.. He's under the magna Carta.. It does not guarantee freedom of speech, which automatically allows the civil laws which he bound by. He don't have the freedom of speech, alright? He doesn't, period. The Brit is bound by anti hate speech laws, anti discrimination laws and by non-anti social behavior laws. His anti americanism is a type of xenophobia, to him. And I want you to contact the British police and invoke their policies against the British subject who caused this problem. The police were amazed.. but they did it.
  10. If a rich guy who doesn't live around behaviorally problematic drug activity, and went to school and went to college and isn't susceptible to undue influence chooses to get involved with drugs, why don't he do more time in prison than an idiot would? Why does the poor idiot who didn't go to school, or couldn't learn well in the schools he attended, And didn't go to college, and is highly susceptible to peer influence, Always get worse punishment than somebody who should know better?
  11. I wore a pair of sunglasses and I said to my kid… I have custody of you, and I'm here to transport you to a rehab.. what I need you to do now, is knock my glasses off, and when I repeat those words, punch me in the head okay? .. When he did that. It actually dropped me to the floor.. Because he's not tailor made for me, I'm only half of him...his mom is the other half, and my work boots fit inside her sandals. Then I wore a security guard uniform and said the same thing.. And I said.. Hey!!!!, what the fuck you thinking boy, he said ur getting transported.. What makes you think your gonna put your hands on us?!!! He dropped me to the floor, while I was wearing a security guard uniform. Which is what I needed him to do.
  12. Why should we do a futile, feel good, do nothing move... Like lock up the westboro Baptist church, when it would do nothing about anything, and it would only sing to the choir...especially since they're not dangerous, and whoever becomes dangerous goes to jail for it anyway... For much longer than any speech code would call for? Futile, feel good, do nothing. That's the nature of Australian policy in the end.
  13. I told my sister that you might be crippled in cold weather, but outside of Australia, you don't have a warm climate in the world when you combine being American and a Woman... I'm sorry, but i rather have you in a wheel chair, than in a coffin. You need to just get the fuck over your Mexico kick.. It's not happening.. in this day and age.
  14. While the trial was still going on.. What I said was is that the fact is that Derek Chauvin had his his knee on George floyds neck... The legal assumption must be that that illegal, violent activity of having his knee on that guy's neck, killed George floyd. Whether or not illegal self harm drugs was in floyds system. Violent acts of crime are always supreme over assumptive self harm. They said that's true in human behavior.. But legally, the legal assumption is that drugs killed George Floyd, because that is the defense claim... Until the jury says otherwise. So I said... What if the defense tried to claim that the Alien Zebra Queen from the planet of Green cheese casted George Floyd with blue poop in his lungs and that's what George Floyd ? How stupid is that? They yelled in my face screaming at me... Well then blue poop from the alien zebra Queen from the planet of Green cheese killed George Floyd... Until the jury says otherwise. And they cussed me out. I asked them this sarcastic question this in response.... Well then why don't you go arrest the alien zebra Queen and release Derek Chauvin ?
  15. #1. Bigots are not called bigots for free, they earn the name. And one of the ways they do it, is to be complacent in their hateful positions and literally believe them to be true, of course. This is also manifested in their behavior.. They don't do anything to improve themselves, educationally, mentally or physically. And they do things that to an idiot seems like something a "man" should do. And that usually is to Smoke, Drink, Drive and eat unhealthy food, and maybe do drugs. #2. Bigots are poor, because their behavior is a liability, and it hurts profits and damages the business image. They can't get hired, and they can't keep jobs. That means everything.. especially lesser access to food, and almost no access to supplements, and little or no access to exercise and what they can get is inadequate..and they can't get training. I have a $13,000 Trek Bike...although I do maintain an electric scooter for when it is more necessary. I pay $100 a month for Fitness One. I pay $500 a year for top training I pay $300 a month for supplements. I eat and drink from the produce isles of Whole foods. I'm part of a baseball club and both my weightlifting, wrestling and my swim team. And I'm doing this in the South where what I do isn't common. So exactly what does make you think that I'm not getting what I'm paying for?
  16. If I were a racist, or if Jews were inherently racists by majority or by culture.. I wouldn't have a Jewish girlfriend. The results of one of us being racists, is the same one way, as the other... In that our union wouldn't exist. So suck my dick.
  17. The only thing profane about nature and different people looking different or people being a different religion... Is that dickheads like you exist unpunished... So I made a solution. Blast the bigots like you.
  18. I don't give a fuck what you like or dont like... And no my Jewish girlfriend's people haven't done that for a century... I actually invented it for them, and I'm not jewish. Man enough to do the talkin' is man enough to do the payin'
  19. In fact we already got two of them right now today... That we beat up.
  20. I bought my girlfriend a police baton... And a pistol.
  21. There is no winning against an anti Semite or any other bigots mouth... Mouth to mouth. But we're going to start winning.. by saying nothing. By busting your mouths.
  22. My girlfriend asked me why anti-Semitism is so hard to combat. I told her. First of all, it's hard to combat, because when you combat anti-semitism, you're arguing with an idiot. The idiot doesn't have the same bounds of logic and reason that a normal person does. Which is why it's actually just best to do what the blacks do about racism... Just beat the sh*t out of the racist or kill the racist. Second of all, the nature of anti-Semitism is different than the nature of racism, even though they are alike and overlap, and one is always, also other other. What we call "jewish" is actually quite complicated, in and of itself. Jewish is actually a religion. The people who practice it are of a number of different Caucasian (yes, white) ethnic groups of Europe, native to the same countries as other Europeans. Semitic Groups like ashkenazi.. and Sephardic, and Mizrahi... These are white people, but of a different lineage than Tutonic or Slavic or Celtic. Which brings us to another set of problems .. The way we address them, and address race. We address them by their common most popular religion and not by their ethnicities. Which in and itself actually dehumanizes them and defaces their cultures... It's the same as calling all Indians hindu... Yes they are the only people addressed by their religion. Third... anti-Semitism has a whole mini library of reasons for existing.. Every one of them are made up.. which means that it can be debunked... But these bullshit reasons for existing have an origin that can't be defeated by logical argument... That origin is a motor mouth willing to say anything to achieve it ends... But the motormouth also has its reasons for existing.. Religious difference, jealousy and insecurity and low self esteem. Also, the whiteness of the ethnicities who most commonly practice Judaism, presents yet another set of problems.. Racists come in all colors. So bottom line... You're not the bigots mommy and daddy, you're not responsible for the asshole's beliefs.. And you can't control what comes out of the mouth of an idiot.. So act like it... And just crack their f*cking bigot skulls open.
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