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  1. Other than to defend (myself) and my own (selfish pride) against the rabid anger and insults and abuse coming from (some) atheists who happen to be bigots and can't handle somebody else's opinions. Why should I believe in God when he don't exist, has never existed, will never exist, has not then, did not now and never will in the future do a damn thing for me.. And the the belief in which, has, over the course of the thousands of years of the organized religions of civilization... Damaged me as both a man, and as a living being, as well as the Sheppard and captain of this
  2. You complain about losing support from women, and you also complain about unmarried women being an increasingly significant political demographic.. Here's the deal.. What makes you think that the majority of women would support an ideology that promises to take away their self ownership and put their pregnancies into the hands of politicians ? They don't, and they're not going to. As for single women.. When a man proposes to a woman.. He's not taking in the whole picture of how it really works..only how it works for him.
  3. Hey.. If you want to defend fascism.. I'll be glad to be the fascist.. You will either wear the red shirt on Monday when it's red shirt day or I'll kill you. And what my police department says goes.... You will either do what the police say do, when they say to do it, and how they say to do it... Or we'll just shoot you as a traitor to the flag. The news will either support my agendas of I'll have them all executed on the spot, on the TV too, to make an example out of them. I don't like Phillip... So I'd have you gassed.
  4. If I had a progressively degenerative disease that is going to kill me... And I went to dignitas, to be euthanized. This is what I would want. The Episcopal priest with me for emotional support, writing letters, singing songs, praying and listening. I would order a last meal of steak, a cheeseburger, shrimp, lobster, Mac and cheese, a bloomin' onion, a salad, loaded mashed potatoes.. A hard cider and 4 large Cokes from Outback Steakhouse.. A half a gallon of chocolate moose tracks icecream. And two bottles of cherry vanilla coca co
  5. I lived on minimum wage. This is what I had, when I was living on minimum wage. A 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, very small apartment that was built 2 years before I was born. The neighbors were drunks and the common car parked there was anywhere between 10 and 25 years old, and just about worthless, in monetary value. In my apartment, I had exactly this.. Walmart clothes. A $120 microfiber Futon A $100 Coffee table and end table set. A $100 entertainment center. A $100 three piece barstool set. A $150 metal queen siz
  6. Back when teen pregnancy was considered natural human behavior with no questions asked about it.. This was the situation of our society at that time. The population was a lot smaller, a modern day minor league ballpark stadium would be absolutely enormous back then, and it's seating a multitude. And this was the nature of our economy. High school dropouts digging up coal, and turning bolts. Which is something a teenager could have done well, and did. A teenager could also drive back then... Of course, highways were a
  7. I was asked why teen pregnancy is such a bad thing. So I answered by saying this about it. Teen pregnancy leads to either teen emancipation, or to prolonged dependency on the parents, both cause poverty. The former causes poverty, homelessness and a dead end future, and the latter also is because of a lack of earning potential, which is a trap into poverty. Also, the latter, the prolonged dependency on the parents, makes the infant just as dependent on it's Grandparents. Which increases the costs incurred by the teen's parents. Second,
  8. Me and Robbi were held in a British mental hospital for 10 days, after we showed up on a specified business trip. Afterwards, my colleagues came to the rescue and they put us out and revoked our visas. Robbi asked me for an apology.. Lol... So I said to her... What do you want an apology for ? For having every reason in the world to believe that people and places like this, are our friends ? Forget them. We're going home... we're getting acute addiction and poison care, and we're putting our uniforms back on, we're getting a new flag
  9. There is an old saying... By Ben Franklin.. The golden age, was never the present age.. It means that today, no matter the era that today is... Is better than the past. That today is the golden age.
  10. You know the answer to that.. A same sex couple would not be recognized, would be murdered, and btw, the answer is no.
  11. Oh, and number 4... There is no suburbia to escape to, in fact the suburbs of that era are more violent and do not have the wealth of today.
  12. I would issue this travel warning, if time machines were invented and you could travel to earlier times in American history. Travel Warning : Travel to the early 20th century United States is dangerous, these are some things that you, the traveler, should know. #1. Violence is not seen in the same light as it is later in the 20th century, nor in the 21st century. It is encouraged and rewarded. Champions of violent sports, such as the champions of boxing, and especially heavyweight boxing are both famous, and rich as well as res
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