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  1. Gore Vidal was married to Jane Fonda for awhile...long time ago. I never thought of him as an intellectual. Sorry.
  2. I believe that the American Public and all American Liberals know EXACTLY what they are getting in Joe Biden. Remember that he has a very LONG political career and most notably, was the vice president under America's most popular president, Barack Obama. And so, in many ways, we are getting more of what worked well for America four years ago. Three things so far with Joe's presidency: 1) The pull out of Afghanistan which was Trump's promise to the Taliban which Biden inherited and which was orchestrated by our own military. 2) Biden's stimulus and infrastructure plans which actually put money in the hands of consumers, which results in a booming economy always (see Roosevelt's New Deal and Obama's Cash For Clunkers). 3) Getting tough about the need to get vaccinated. For those of us Boomers who remember when the Salk Polio Vaccine became available, we remember getting vaccinated in school by public health nurses and no one was exempt. No one. Also, when our children were born, they couldn't leave the hospital without being vaccinated and couldn't be enrolled in public school without proof of vaccinations. Today is different, however, the ones who refuse vaccinations are ignorant, selfish and dangerous to the rest of us. So Joe is doing well.
  3. Goof Boy states: "Liberals need to decide if Trump had a plan, or not. " Like hell we do. We, The People decided in November 2020 that Trump was unfit for office due to his criminal conduct. At NO TIME has Trump published or even talked about his "plan". He had none. He committed our American military to withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden inherited Trump's PROMISE TO THE TALIBAN. Biden used our American Military to plan the withdrawal. and so if you don't like it, complain about them. Remember it's Trump's idea. And today it was very reassuring to see Biden get tough with the ignorant, the selfish, the unvaccinated. Off topic: What kind of a reception do you think the military and capitol police are planning for the Dirty Trump Insurrectionists on September 18th in DC?
  4. And so we can ALL AGREE on this published FACT: Donald Trump promised the Taliban that America would withdraw all troops and personnel from Afghanistan in February of 2020. FACT. Trump set May 2021 as the withdrawal date, again FACT! Biden inherited Trump's promise and plan. FACT. We're all on the same page here, right? If not, kindly post a response with a link to your assertion. If you cannot post a credible link to deny these facts, then the facts stand.
  5. Here is Trump's plan which was NO DIFFERENT THAN BIDEN'S: https://www.citizensjournal.us/analysis-was-trumps-afghanistan-withdrawal-plan-actually-different-from-bidens/ All right. That question has been settled. No difference. And so, why aren't the CONServative Trump supporters now ANGRY AT THEIR BOY TRUMP FOR MAKING THIS AGREEMENT WITH THE TALIBAN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Remember, withdrawal is a TRUMP AGREEMENT WITH THE TALIBAN.
  6. CAN ANYONE ANSWER MCROCKET'S QUESTION HERE: WHAT THE HELL WAS TRUMP'S PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN? And kindly post a link to any source for your answer. Trump had no plan and no one will answer this question....NO ONE! McRocket, please take a bow...you have made a solid and valid point. Thank you.
  7. Look, Duck doesn't give a damn about women and it doesn't matter if they are Afghani or American, Christian or Muslim, Duck doesn't care about women. And to try and make this entire Afghanistan Fiasco about the rights of women is laughable. Our military doesn't care about women and since the Iraq and Afghan wars were started, the ONLY person who ever cared about women was President Obama and he got the 9-11 Mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. If you study women's history, not only in America but in Europe and throughout world history, you will realize that over time, Women will CREATE the kind of civilization they want. And women have more power in civilization than men realize because we create children, home, we provide because we are hunter gatherers and we TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE and this is why women were thought of as property, not only in Biblical times but even today in some cultures. 20 years will create a generation. And so America has created a generation of Afghan women and men who have seen a better life with more equality and have been introduced to the 21st modern century. It's hard to UNLEARN what you have learned. And so this generation of Afghanis will produce the society they want based on what they now need. And so Onassis right. Human beings create the society they want. And obviously, invading them and trying to change them never works.
  8. Goof Boy states: "Our problem is that America has decided that the military can't be the military. Their job is kill people and break things. But liberalism has infected our country, and now it's evil to "disproportionately" respond when attacked. And God forbid there be "collateral damage". Liberals did this with Vietnam, when Johnson decided he had to approve every mission to ensure we were too aggressive. America doesn't WANT to win anymore. Biden has created a failed nation-state. This will end badly for the United States, but somehow it will be anyone's fault but Biden's. " Hmmm...sounds like Goof Boy wants blood. After a thorough examination of our founding documents, especially our constitution, it is CLEAR THAT THE AMERICAN MILITARY IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THIS COUNTRY...We, The People are in charge. therefore, the American Military is a tool of the American People to defend our country and not a private mercenary group controlled by special interests. Understand? And so, America has decided that the military is NOT IN CHARGE OF THIS COUNTRY AND HAS NO POWER UNLESS WE GIVE IT. Yes, Liberalism infected and founded this Great country in 1776 when we said that all of us are created equal and since then, American Liberals have worked to make that a solid reality in this country. And when you read the Preamble to our Constitution, it clearly states that THE PEOPLE run this country and no one else. America only wanted to win in 1941 and four years later, We The People won a global victory over Fascism and Imperialism. It was the total COMBINED EFFORT OF ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to accomplish this and that entailed business, agriculture, manufacturing and the volunteer efforts of the housewife and the man on the street to accomplish this. Since then, American Special Interests have sought to install dictators in third world countries such as the Philippines, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt and even Afghanistan. We've squandered our wealth and the promise of self government. However, the American people have risen up to correct this. The PROBLEM in Afghanistan is now over with after George W. Bush started it on the false premise that Afghanistan and Iraq had something to do with the 9-11 Terrorist attacks. That's total bullshit and the release of the 9-11 classified documents by Joe Biden will prove this out over the coming months as they are released. However, I would like to thank Goof Boy for expressing the false idea that America is the world's policeman and that we, as a people, have the right to direct the lives of people in their own sovereign nations. We don't. Who, in their right mind, would ever imagine this is the job of the American military or the will of the American People who own it? And I INVITE ANYONE TO SHOW ME WHERE IN OUR CONSTITUTION OUR MILITARY IS MEANT TO DO THIS! The CONServative right wing false Americans have been handed a very basic lesson in 2020. THE PEOPLE CONTROL THIS COUNTRY and it is founded for that purpose. NOT TO BE THE WORLD POLICE! Our government exists to serve all of us at our pleasure.
  9. Calguy is right. When you invade a country, you do have to stay there forever. However, history teaches us that this rarely ever works: The Romans are no longer in Great Britain, Great Britain is no longer in India or Singapore, The Dutch are no longer in South Africa and the French are no longer in northern Africa. Spain and Portugal no longer own any of South America. However, Great Britain has been successful in creating a Commonwealth of nations and America has been successful in making her territories into states rather than let them drift away. It is apparent that we went into Afghanistan and Iraq without a plan and without a good reason to invade them. And every time America does this, we look like fools. Could America have INFLUENCED the Taliban in these past 20 years? Could be. Today on the news a group of Americans left Afghanistan by land and the Taliban did nothing to stop them or impede them. Also, sadly, sometimes you have to block people who just want to make trouble and seek attention instead of discussing the topic. And you are correct to point out that a "limited mental capacity" has been reached and exceeded. Thus their mental masturbation cannot propel the discussion forward. Old saying: You reap what you sow.
  10. There is a very, very good article in Time Magazine this week written by Admiral James Stavridis. In the article he rightly claims that the war in Afghanistan lasted through several presidential administrations and he points out that President Obama withdrew the largest amount of troops and that 2,500 were left in Afghanistan when Biden took office. In the article, he points out several mistakes that we (our military) made during the invasion of Afghanistan. He also comments on the fact that an occupation of a foreign country leads to guerilla style warfare that is never winnable and he gives several examples. He also states that we could have better served our military using drone surveillance as opposed to more boots on the ground. Good article and I hope you can read it on your news stand or online. But let me ask what others think about how cooperative the Afghans were when it came to training them to fight the Taliban in the first place. I believe they were willing to take the monthly salary we paid them and the guns and technical training but after awhile, when you can see they aren't invested in fighting their fellow countrymen, when do you throw in the towel?
  11. I would like to thank Adolph the Nazi Antifakiller for a new low: "IS JUDY BLUE, JUDY NIGGER?" - And so now, he is stooping to race baiting. So what have we had from Antifakiller the Nazi so far? Rants, name calling, race baiting, bitching, comments about his own minute genitalia, references to his own mother and posting what he thinks are cute little memes. He has NOT added to the conversation about Afghanistan and his only purpose here is to make trouble, drama and seek attention. The race baiting is bad, but next I expect him to start posting nude snapshots of himself. At no time have I insisted that anyone agree with me and I hardly expect that because true discussion and enlightenment is found in an exchange of ideas. But this fool cannot exchange ideas and all he is able to do is complain that I use too many big words, it's too much for his little brain to read and he spells on a third grade level. And then, the idiot "str8edge" asks where I am, as though I am accountable to him or anyone else. I started this thread to talk about Afghanistan and not entertain the little pussy boys. Done.
  12. And since Adolph the Nazi Antifakiller really doesn't know what ANTIFA stands for or how it grew out of World War 2 and gained momentum in America because of Trump's election, let's educate him! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifa_(United_States) Now I know these are big, big words for Antifakiller to understand and the article is too long but let's work with him here.
  13. "IF YOU CAN'T DEBATE ME, WHY ARE YOU HERE? " Nazi Adolph the Antifakiller. Well, Adolph, I started this topic....remember? The question is what the hell are YOU doing here if you don't want to talk about Afghanistan? I remind you that you are in my back yard and I started this thread and this subject. You just want my attention. Hey, did I ever tell you how my daddy shot dirty fascists in World War 2? ANTIFA are anti-fascist Americans.
  14. Oh, please! Oh, please! Let me comment, Goof Boy! Little question for the plans at Mazar E Sharif Airport in northern Afghanistan....since Trump promised the Taliban in February of 2020 that we would leave Afghanistan this year and YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED AND URGED SINCE MAY OF THIS YEAR TO LEAVE, if you want to....then WHY IN HELL DID YOU WAIT UNTIL JUST NOW TO TRY AND LEAVE? Hmmmm? And why did Republican Representative McCaul of Texas "break" this story to Fox News when you KNOW THAT AMERICANS DON'T TRUST FOX NEWS WHICH IS OWNED AND RUN BY A FOREIGNER WHO HATES AMERICA? Oh, my goodness! It's an emergency...and you need to be "rescued" now, I'll bet. Oh! Oh! It's an emergency now? Please! I know you are all dying to ask this out loud...allow me!
  15. If Gizz Martini doesn't give a shit about the Afghans or Afghanistan...WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE? Other than seeking attention?
  16. Someone should tell Str8edge that Obama got Osama Bin Laden, thus negating our need for being there. You guys CONVENIENTLY FORGET that Biden and Clinton were in the room when American Military took him out. Oh, and another thing we thank President Obama for is his brilliant Cash for Clunkers program that took gas guzzlers off the highway, gave a shot in the arm to the Auto Industry and stopped our reliance on foreign oil which brought gasoline down below $2 a gallon and PUT LOTS OF EXTRA CASH IN THE POCKETS OF WORKING AMERICANS WHO BUY AMERICAN GOODS AND SERVICES! Thus the Bush Depression was thwarted and unemployment went down and America was saved again by another Democratic Clean Up Administration.
  17. And now, back to the topic of Afghanistan. I understand that Biden has rightly agreed to declassify the 9-11 documents over the next few months: https://news.yahoo.com/biden-orders-release-secret-9-202928693.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall This will not only be a relief to the victims of loved ones but also a wake up call for George W. Bush and Dicky Cheney to get out of town, FAST! As you know, there were never any "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq or Afghanistan aimed at America. No reason to invade them instead of blaming the Saudis. And poor General Colin Powell was made a tool of the Bush Administration by having to present phony "evidence" of these weapons. Powell resigned from the administration after he realized he was used. I am looking forward to some rich and interesting facts being revealed about the Bush-Cheney debacle that cost us so much in the middle east and accomplished nothing. I understand that Republican administrations can't be trusted, but did they have to bankrupt the economy, blow Clinton's balanced budget and surplus and kill so many people? Just for the oil? Since we're done and finished with Trump now, perhaps the next hot topic for late night conversation will be what is revealed in the 9-11 documents. Are you looking forward to their release, too?
  18. Note to Duck, Goof Boy and Adolph the Nazi Antifakiller: No one invited you here. You're not here to debate or discuss the topic. You keep calling me your pet names for your own mothers such as Mommy Bitch, My Mommy Cunt and Momma Twat. While the women who brought you into this world and who now occupy a bar stool waiting to be picked up may answer to you, I 'm not her. So kindly pay your Mommy's bar bill and bring her home...you're not gonna get laid any other way. Remember that woman is the one who raised you with your pathetic value system. Not me. Oh, and you don't offend me...it's fun. Oh, and Goof Boy correctly quotes Thomas Jefferson about the need from time to time to shed the blood of tyrants but today we just impeach them (Twice), indict them on federal fraud charges and just kick their sorry asses to the curb so badly that they have to fly, fly, fly away before the incoming president arrives at the White House. WHAT A COWARD! (Remember when the Obamas welcomed the Trumps into the White House? Trumpty Dumpty ran past them and left his wife on the steps and the Obamas went down to receive her instead of ignoring her like Trump did!) But as I say, it's not a sin or a crime to be crazy so go right on ahead and keep believing that old Trumpty won somehow and there was "election fraud" instead of a solid grass roots movement to kick him out and restore our government. Go ahead. I'm enjoying your rant. And boys...if you don't like the "bullshit and lies" that you can't debate, what's keeping you here? Oh, I forgot....your need for attention and drama. Fuck off.
  19. The Chinese government does not have a good track record when it comes to tolerating Muslims within their own country. But they are opportunists and a chance to initiate mining and mineral extraction in Afghanistan, especially minerals used in computer chip production, would be to their advantage. They might use Afghan labor and pay them off with food, shelter, livestock or script. But the trick would be getting it out of the country without paying tribute to the Taliban.
  20. Getting back to the subject of this thread and ignoring the attention-seeking, self serving CONS: https://news.yahoo.com/does-the-us-have-any-real-leverage-over-the-taliban-145339331.html "Optimists say the U.S. has enormous leverage to hold the Taliban to their commitments. For years, the Afghan government has relied heavily on foreign aid in order to function. That inflow of funds has now dried up. The U.S. has frozen $9.4 billion in Afghan central bank assets, and European governments have suspended development aid. Unless America is satisfied with the Taliban’s leadership, some experts argue, the country could soon face a catastrophic economic collapse that may threaten the Taliban’s ability to retain control. Beyond economic pressure, the U.S. can also use the threat of military reprisal to force the Taliban to keep their promise to root out terror groups, others say. The Taliban may also seek support in combating its own terror threat from groups like ISIS-K, which some experts believe will create another point of leverage for the U.S." Do you actually think that the Taliban has a central leader? Do you think they have a plan to create a government that serves the people? Do you think they can control ALL COMMUNICATIONS coming out of Afghanistan? Do you think that Americans now care about Afghans as much as we do the Vietnamese these days?
  21. All responses considered, it looks like the CONServatives are getting a REAL BEATING ON THIS THREAD! And so far, none of them have said one word in support of Chief Shit for Brains who copped a plea with the feds for his role in the January 6th Insurrection. Remember when he was arrested? He stopped eating and called his mommy to come and bring him from num num food because he couldn't eat the regular food that regular convicts are fed in prison....sure enough, just like the mother of ALL sociopaths and criminals do, Mommy Shit for Brains brought Chief Shit for Brains his num num so he would eat. Pathetic. Let me consider "antifakiller's" screen name. It seems he is against the patriotic Americans who form the anti-fascist group called ANTIFA and ergo, he must be a solid supporter of fascism. Why don't we just call him Adolph or Little Hitler? My daddy shot Fascists in World War 2. As for him imagining he has "balls", that saggy raisin pouch is laughable. No balls, no courage, no credibility, no patriotism and totally unable to stick to a subject. But my favorite answer from him is the one where he cannot understand the difference between the word "waist" and "waste". CONFIRMED: ADOLF ANTIFAKILLER READS AT A THIRD GRADE LEVEL. Oh, and once again, if he thinks reading my thread is a waste ( in his words, waist) of his time, then why is he here? WTF? He can't understand anyway. So, you CONServatives don't like Joe Biden....ain't that too bad? In the 2020 election, Americans turned out like NEVER before in unprecedented numbers to put him and Harris in the White House. You can't do a damn thing about that. And the war in Afghanistan is OVER...it was failed from the start: George W. Bush started it. Barack Obama got Osama Bin Laden there. Trump promised the Taliban they could have Afghanistan back in February 2020 because he had NO PLAN. Biden got us out. But any of you dirty little CONS who want to continue this war, why not get off your little pink butts and take your guns over there and do it yourself? Put your money where your mouth is if you're not too busy using your mouths to pleasure each other. Wipe your mouths and get over there.
  22. Zaro writes: "I think the Taliban will enjoy a brief honeymoon period. The war and constant terror that was fostered on ordinary Afghans is over. " I think that food will be the FIRST BIG PROBLEM for the Afghan people. Oh, the Taliban will eat but the populace will suffer, as it does under any authoritarian system. I recently read where the Afghans have depended heavily on foreign aid from America and other European countries to get by and now that aid is dried up...gone. And whenever there is great tragedy, there is an opening for criminal opportunity. I understand that China has been busy buying up land in Africa to grow crops to feed their people. The Chinese are opportunists. And a chance to step in and exploit Afghanistan's mineral deposits is available if the Taliban allows it. I don't believe the Taliban can deliver the basics. And so, they will choose to tell the people that their starvation is caused by Americans and Europeans thus fueling hatred and making themselves out to be the people's savior.
  23. No, Gizz Martini, people like YOU and this fool are our enemies! Oh, look! Chief Shit For Brains accepts plea deal with feds...your Q-Anon Shaman is in the news again! https://news.yahoo.com/qanon-shaman-reaches-plea-deal-205300768.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall But seriously, I believe this is the FIRST TIME that you and your Fascist Trump supporters have been personally confronted by an American citizen about your January 6th Insurrection, wherein you stormed our capitol with the intention of following the Traitor Trump's advice to murder and harm our elected American representatives in order to stop the legitimate certification of our Electoral College in confirming Joe Biden as our president. You and your kind murdered and injured people, vandalized, destroyed, robbed and trespassed into our capitol to overthrow our government. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Who the hell are you to tell the rest of us what to do and whom to choose? You and Trump have lost...get over it. And if you want to threaten the rest of us with your guns, then we invite you to stick them into whatever orifice you choose and pull the trigger because none of us are afraid of you criminals...we have the law on our side. And like every other criminal, you attempt to deny, minimize, rationalize, lie about and excuse your criminal behavior....so spare us your pitiful excuses. There's a knock at your door....maybe it's the FBI. Don't you preach to me and try to excuse yourself you dirty anti-American!
  24. Excuse me, Gizz Martini, but did you want to contribute something to the conversation or just seek attention for yourself, too?
  25. There was speculation on China's involvement with Afghanistan after the Russian and American occupations. And posters have noted the fact that Afghanistan is rich in mineral resources: https://news.yahoo.com/afghanistan-vast-mineral-wealth-faces-191603748.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall But in order to establish a modern economy, a nation has to have a stable and centralized government, a means of food production and some sort of industry. Do you think the Taliban will welcome the Chinese to establish these things for them? The Taliban doesn't seem to have a plan so far.
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