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  1. First, thank you for posting an interesting, truthful and timely question here. Yes, it is the Right Wing Republicans and every Hate Group in America that is wishing for and pushing for some sort of "civil war". Republicans are initiating legislature that will prevent Americans from voting, making it more difficult and dropping registered voters off the registry. We saw Republicans meddle in the 2020 vote by putting up phony mail in voting drop boxes, initiating "STOP THE COUNT!" riots in an effort to impede the counting of legitimate votes and lying and spreading un-American propaganda that our election was filled with fraud when it was certainly not. We saw them initiate a riot on January 6th at our capitol that caused people to be injured and murdered, legislators lives threatened, thievery and millions in damage to our public buildings. This is insurrection and treason. (And Vlad Putin just praised these criminals this week.) Right wing hate groups along with Republicans are a cancer trying to grow and kill the America that was founded in 1776 and based on our values that ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ENDOWED WITH RIGHTS. And so we can sit by, pretend it will go away, pretend it is defeated and we are safe or become more involved and diligent citizens. Thank you for posting this fact.
  2. Today, June 17, 2021, Donald Trump told Fox News that he ("We" did not win (the election). https://currently.att.yahoo.com/huffpost/long-last-donald-trump-finally-004653164.html Look, we ALL KNOW THAT...the problem is, will his idiot followers listen to him? There is a guy down the road from us who still has a huge Trump/Pence 2020 (make America great) yard sign up. Perhaps I should stop and ask him if wishing makes it so?
  3. On January 6th of this year, Donald Trump told a group of his own rioting supporters to walk down to the capitol building and "take back" America because the Senate was about to certify that Joe Biden had truthfully and formally won the 2020 presidential election. During this provoked riot, people lost their lives, were injured, government property was destroyed , lives of our chosen legislators were threatened ( a noose was brought to hang them) and several items were stolen from legislators, offices ransacked and violent chaos ensued. Our legislators had to hide from the rioters to save their own lives. Since when is ANY OF THIS NOT CONSIDERED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY? Why do Republicans insist on stopping a federal investigation? Can anyone rationalize or explain this to me? Why do Republicans rationalize, excuse, minimize and deny any criminal activity?
  4. America was founded on the values that ALL OF US ARE CREATED EQUAL and ENDOWED BY OUR CREATOR WITH HUMAN, CIVIL, LEGAL and SOCIAL RIGHTS that are guaranteed to all of us and we HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT. And so, without a doubt, An American Liberal is a patriot just like our Founding Fathers. WE LIVE THIS VALUE SYSTEM and anyone who does not or cannot or will not is truly NOT AN AMERICAN. Our American Constitution is a CONTRACT between the American People who own and run our government. It provides our rules, obligations, directions and personal rights for running our government that apply to ALL OF US. America is the FIRST GOVERNMENT to be established with these values and we are the prime example of Democracy and self government for the world. To be a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT IS TO BE AN AMERICAN LIBERAL-Judy
  5. Well said! Sadly, most presidents look for simple band aid solutions for long standing problems. Few of them can govern with an eye to our future needs. I believe Biden is better at looking and planning ahead for America's welfare in the long run.
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