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  1. America was founded on the values that ALL OF US ARE CREATED EQUAL and ENDOWED BY OUR CREATOR WITH HUMAN, CIVIL, LEGAL and SOCIAL RIGHTS that are guaranteed to all of us and we HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT. And so, without a doubt, An American Liberal is a patriot just like our Founding Fathers. WE LIVE THIS VALUE SYSTEM and anyone who does not or cannot or will not is truly NOT AN AMERICAN. Our American Constitution is a CONTRACT between the American People who own and run our government. It provides our rules, obligations, directions and personal rights for running our government
  2. Well said! Sadly, most presidents look for simple band aid solutions for long standing problems. Few of them can govern with an eye to our future needs. I believe Biden is better at looking and planning ahead for America's welfare in the long run.
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