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  1. It's there on the CSIS article as well, 2020 was actually an all-time high for the right and an all-time low for the left, in terms of terror attacks. You continue to call it biased without proof, because as we both know, you have none, there is none to be found. You just don't like inconvenient facts.
  2. Libertarians do support anarchy, anarchists are also libertarians. It still remains factually true, all governments enforce a collective will upon members of society, because nothing is unanimously supported, not even the most basic laws. By your logic, all votes, all democracies, no matter how horizontal and free, would be authoritarian. Every single law or regulation must be some act of tyranny. Like it or not, the libertarian left is nothing new, and it's still very much here today.
  3. If you want the source, I can give it to you.
  4. It's not just you and I, though, because I don't just work with personal perception, I go off of factual data. In this case, that's the CSIS.
  5. Nazis and commies are different groups, with different economic and social policies, especially because nazis are very distinct, while there's all kinds of different commies.
  6. You should be silenced by force and what little you disorganized lot have for leaders should be harassed and arrested for being the problem they are, it's simple. Repression works, and that's what you guys need.
  7. Rioters, they're not committing terrorist attacks, that's quite plainly true. All crime isn't terrorism. Like it or not, the numbers just don't support the notion that the far left and far right are in any way the same in terms of violence, the far right is just worse.
  8. Then all democracies are authoritarian, and the only libertarian thing is complete anarchy. If your criteria is imposing the will of some on all, no matter how small the variance, then absolutely all possible forms of government in human history were authoritarian. But here, in the real world, where idealism doesn't actually hold up at all, that's just not the case.
  9. You've said that, but it's evident that you can't prove that, considering you refuse to make even the barest attempt to do so. It's pretty clear you just don't want to accept information that contradicts you, so you just decide to ignore the facts. Like them or not, the CSIS is far from biased, unless you've got some super secret information the other fact checkers don't.
  10. So, that's not proving that statement, that's just repeating that you say it's biased and trash. So, go on and prove it. And no, I'm treating the very far right by the actions of the very far right, the average conservative isn't a murderous lunatic that wants to remove all the black people, and I am not concerned about them. But the far right, they're a different story. Despite being terribly disorganized and spread out, their ideology alone is enough to turn angry young white men into eager murderers. I am only concerned with that extreme minority, I think it needs to be absolute
  11. No, that's really not very much considering their numbers. They don't do very much crime or terrorism, proportionally, especially compared to the comparatively miniscule far right, which commits more terrorist attacks than everyone else combined.
  12. Making it illegal doesn't exactly stop them, the corporate elite tend to get what they want with or without the law, that's just the reality of things. Making hiring illegals a felony will, of course, have to go through the house, and it'll come out of it with ample loopholes and special classifications to allow large corporations to continue doing as they do. Penalizing corporations is unlikely to actually be an effective solution, tends to be that such measures are rather easily turned into weapons by large corporations. Treating them like normal workers is easier than trying to
  13. Of course we don't, who do you think runs the show here? But that alone isn't enough, we've been playing the anti-immigration and enforcement game for over 100 years now and they still come here, because we've got work and we're the closest viable option for someone without much money who's looking to make some. Guatemalans go through Mexico to get to America, because while Mexico is better, it's just not got what they're looking for, work, it has the same problem. The US doesn't. Mexico's closer, but like with the mexicans themselves, we're the closest viable option for them.
  14. Neither do we, we enforce the border far more strongly than the Canadian government, and yet we still have more immigrants, because we're just closer. Hardly, they're just taking care of their own folks, doing whatever it takes to make ends meet. I find that respectable.
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