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  1. Take Freeman's advice on Ivermectin. Good luck to you.
  2. I am going to spend time organizing against Antifa, that means I no longer have time to put up with the complete idiocy displayed here by Slidman and Benson. That kind of conversation is a waste of time.
  3. My code of life is no robbing,raping, thieving or unnecessary killing. Lying is theft of the truth.
  4. Idiot, then you will allow me to pin you down and slam the back of your head against a sidewalk? When can we start?
  5. Your opinion is one of a complete idiot, and screw you, the "Young Black philosophers" (Ha Ha) and the rat you rode in on. Why is your lack of respect for other peoples rights to exist without being attacked necessary?
  6. We need a good king for a year. I could do it. You would be back in Cuba.
  7. Funny post if you would notice most of the states with big fire issues are run by leftrats.
  8. That is because you are a leftard. Considering all he ever did was post idiotic memes I find you comment odd.
  9. Not afraid just ready to counter you fucktards at any level.
  10. You of low IQ will forever wonder..........
  11. If he were brought back to up post count then you are rewarding his bad behavior.
  12. If we all ignore him he will only have his little leftard circle jerk to play for.
  13. Fully a third of those jobs are in government, another in summer hospitality jobs and a very small part in the most important aspect of job growth, manufacturing. But keep patting that retard on the back for his lack of success.
  14. The threat to society as a whole by creating racists and sexually fucked up individuals like yourself.
  15. No they are saying both things are the tools of blithering idiots and not to let children be exposed to them.
  16. Considering Solaren's funding has dried up not much of a chance. Educate your stupid self.
  17. Funny the right is not pushing the racist CRT or queer wokeness. Are you off your meds?
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