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  1. The guy has a point. He is right. Not the fuqtard lawyer the client. https://www.thedailybeast.com/landon-kenneth-copeland-utah-man-charged-with-assaulting-police-during-capitol-riots-loses-it-in-court?ref=home
  2. Kind of funny, I signed up to see why so many of their posters are idiots and found out. Idiots are all they want posting. Stating fact is also not allowed. I posted "I thought Mueller said Trump was not guilty of collusion?" Lo and behold that was too much for their snowflake little pinheads. In my appeal I told them I actually thought what Mueller said was that Trump was not guilty of collusion and posted this straight from the Mueller report; Second, while the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the Russian government and individu
  3. While a fan of her music I can truly say I would not give her opinion of whiskey as worth anything. She was a mess.
  4. The authors estimate........... OK then I believe it, when do we nuke China?
  5. Using logic, science or reality on our lefty dumbasses is a lost cause.
  6. A doctor made these assertions not I.
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