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  1. Is it possible to respond without being completely condescending insulting ...forum is discussion ...sounds like you're trying to pick a fight. But being a liberal Democrat most likely from California I doubt you would ever ever put your money where your mouth is or say something like that to someone's face. Courage comes easy with anonymity doesn't it.
  2. πŸ–€ so now an individual promoting a narrative. who is a subordinate of a subcontractor to oneself constitutes collusion on your part pretty thin... Please try harder
  3. So you expect us to believe that after 3 years of non-stop investigating now they found something.... Really I mean really the whole of the FBI for 3 years find nothing and now something.. any specifics provable facts researchable data? Or more just trust me we found something... Note a response other than shut up and believe me retard followed by other insults would be a nice change of pace
  4. Is very clear he can vote and you cannot spelled out explicitly by law what's the confusion??? I will answer my own question the confusion is how do we change the law and word it so that anyone can vote and since how are far many more poor people who are inclined to vote Democrat you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on with the Democratic party and voting regularities etc etc same old stuff i....t's a privilege not a right.
  5. when do we wake up and realize no one's going to help us but ourselves So when do we form the militia and take back what belongs to us. When Do we grow enough hair on our ass to do what we know needs to be done. When do we stop blogging and complaining and start hanging traitors. When do we walk out on this b******* ,"movie" Suck a horse cock Biden...traitor!!😯
  6. You talking out your ass ...global warming is real but is a natural phenomenon not caused by humans but possibly aggravated by humans there's nothing to stop it. . one man's global warming is another mans, it's nice day.. what you're asking us to believe is the first 60 ice ages and the consequential global warmings were natural but the 61st is man-made... If you're going to quote science look at the big picture not the last hundred years... Suck a horse cock Biden...traitor!
  7. geological records supports global warming and global cooling or the cyclical nature of the planet's temperature is a natural phenomenon of Earth. Proven through core samples of the sea floor off the antartic coast. Antarctica has melted to the dirt 60 times since the Cambrian period .no cars no farms no factories,!!! But the 61st time is our fault... Go f*** yourself Democrats.. suck a horse cock Joe Biden...traitor!
  8. All that is required for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing.
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