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  1. Not to mention she's a home wrecker and put a lot of blacks in jail.
  2. If Greenwood (Tulsa), Oklahoma really was called "Black Wall Street" at that time, then isn't that a positive of segregation?
  3. Mao's China was full of Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists. Up to 60 million people were killed. The Ottoman Empire slaughtered 1.5 million Christian Armenians. They were Moslem. Cambodia is Buddhist. They killed up to 3 million in that genocide. Etc etc.
  4. LOL. Apparently not. The only libtard who replied to this thread was even smarter than you.
  5. Fats girls are like mopeds. Fun until your friends see you with one.
  6. She said to "Stop Asian Hate." Well, my GF is Asian and knows better. The Asian assaults were not increasing until the left wing media made an issue of it. They desperately wanted to blame so-called "white supremacists," but it turns out that a lot of the assaults were committed by blacks and Asians themselves. Many assaults were committed by mental cases. I'm guessing a lot of these were copycat crimes. So, the copycats saw the left wing media reporting and tried it themselves. The politics of the left wing media backfired. Thanks left wing media.
  7. I had to review our interaction because I thought I missed something. You need to start by looking up the definition of science.
  8. Overrated are Lincoln and FDR. Underrated: Franklin Pierce. Has narrower interpretation of the constitution. Philosophy was small role for feds. Grover Cleveland. Vetoed hundreds of bills he thought unconstitutional. Cut government staff. One of the best quotes is from Calvin Coolidge, which demonstrated his liberty philosophy: "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business." One of the worst presidents was Wilson, who let the U.S. be sucked into WW I.
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