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  1. As compared to the 200 megaton charge of a single warhead from an American Trident 2.. Our warheads are 800.
  2. This is obviously a cargo ship. This is the largest freighter in the world. But, build 24 of these, not to carry cargo. But to have 120 nuclear missile silos in rows... Each ship can launch 120 Stratoforce Intercontinental Nuclear Ballistic Missiles, each carrying 24 nuclear warheads, each warhead putting out an 800 megaton nuclear explosion. And give it anti ship missile Launchers that fires nuclear tipped anti ship missiles, designed to take out aircraft carriers. And torpedo tubes, launching nuclear tipped torpedoes that carry 4 nuclear warheads
  3. Nit is the son of Wit, Wit is God, and Nit the Prophet. Brain is the mother of Nit, and Washed is the Disciple of Nit. Nit died for our sins, that Wit created of course, because after all, gays, women and Jews are all sins of course, not wit's people.. And the only way to Wit's kingdom is to honor Nit, Wit and Brain and Washed... By killing all the gays, Jews, blacks, Catholics, women and children. Brainwashed nitwit. Get it ? Lol
  4. My wife asked me why I have such trouble with the idea of subscribing to shintoism and Zen Buddhism. I told her that what ultimately stops me in my tracks, is the creation of a racist caricature. I do know that I have to exit this nearly exactly muslim-like thinking, and muslim-like culture that is the basis of christian culture and Christian way, which is one of the two western branches of Abrahamic religion. I have to exit it because it has it no more support, it's churches are dying, and its church members are more right wing preservationists and defender
  5. silver oxide batteries have a longer run time than lithium batteries in lab testing.
  6. So says the dumbass who thinks lithium batteries will last forever and that we'll never have a new system... Or that entire Earth would be a lithium mine... As a defense mechanism for his shit between his ears.
  7. I'm not just not going to be brought down by a bunch of mentally inferior, mental and moral midget little children.
  8. My happiness always makes the day brighter.. Thanks for noticing, I am kind of happy Lol
  9. I didn't know you can store fags inside a donkey.. Unless the donkey likes tobacco eating. Lol
  10. Especially to fire, that's why you never want to keep your lighter in your pack of fags inside a hot car during the summer exposed to the sun directly. Lmao
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