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  1. The US economy. Biden won a rigged election in 2020 November so here is 2020 US Economy National Economic Accounts Gross Domestic Product, 4th Quarter and Year 2020 (Advance Estimate) Q4 2020 (Adv) +4.0% Q3 2020 (3rd) +33.4%
  2. The White House said Biden will deliver remarks at sunset Monday in memory of those who have died in the pandemic. Now 500,000 dead 11/03/2020 The date Pervert Joe Biden was elected 225,000 that is more than doubled 12 31/2 months wow will in October 2020 Pervert Joe Biden said thier were 885 million US Deaths, did Pervert Joe Biden LIE? Lets look at some other things Biden said in October 2020. He will not ban Fracking , He Did, Gas in Wisconsin is now $3.15 a gallon up $1.15 a gallon Heating bills have gone uo 500 %. School to reopen Jan .2021 in person learning. 5 days a week, In Wisconsin
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