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  1. It's been fun playing with you on your site. Have fun in your echo chamber. You are a bad person with bad ideas. Good luck with life.
  2. He didn't have good points because Destiny pulled the rug out. Kfools was incapable of defending his stance, this is why he couldn't make a point. He had bad ideas. He didn't get lost in the weeds, he has bad ideas.
  3. Kfools couldn't in debate, I doubt you would have done any better defending bad stances backed by bullshit stats.
  4. That was covered, he said it boosts the economy and they went into an economic debate. If you want these answers, watch the debate, you don't need me to dictate it to you.
  5. He said he's for immigration, multiple times. He said he doesn't care if immigrants are naturalized, "they wouldn't be illegal anymore, would they?" was his quote. I didn't misunderstand you.
  6. I want to answer you in good faith here, I was too tired to do so last night and instead felt like just playing the banter game. There wasn't a single 'strongest point' made, there were too many to count. I think the idea that Destiny took him out in under 5 minutes was great. The rest of the 'debate' was KF treading water trying to hold on to failed positions while he had the rug pulled out from under him. Our first point of contention between the two is where they discuss immigration/cessation and how it would be if Texas were secede from the union. Stance 1 Destiny took: "I don't thin
  7. Also, why did you say this guy is undefeated? Maybe his stupidity and it's hard to go to his level of ignorance to win, yeah, sure. He wins with attrition, not logic. KF (I'm the only one who gets in trouble here for calling him by his real name that everyone knows) is entirely in bad faith and has some really thin skin.
  8. I don't know where he gets these stories from but it's fun being in this guy's head.
  9. The circle jerk between you two is cute, get a room.
  10. I think it's awesome you've granted me so much power over the results of this debate.
  11. You're not the celebrity on the Podcast. When you realize this, I hope there's some humility.
  12. Watching you get dragged live is a net benefit for America's mental health maintenance. Thanks.
  13. If that's what you saw, then you should consider maybe watching it again. The biggest issue with debating someone like KF is that he's entirely in bad faith, so making points becomes impossible. KF doesn't want his position upset, to the point where he'll interrupt and ignore points made previously in the conversation. Destiny made plenty of qualifiers, such as stating he never made the comment about 'importing immigrants', KF went back to it, on script. Destiny has to spend most of his time sifting through KF's bullshit so it's not possible to make a point. KF wants to prove his point
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