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  1. Yes, they are all fabricated and mythical religions...including the original ones from ancient Africa and Africa-Kemet/Anu.
  2. And therein LIES the problem...Grown-ups believing in imaginary and invisible characters. Laying in bed with the covers pulled over their heads....scared of going to a bad place if they don't do what the imaginary and invisible characters inside their heads tells them to do. F the: Father, Son and Holy Ghost I ain't afraid of no Ghost
  3. Buddhism is a religion with a desired outcome they aspire to..."Nirvana" Buddhism has sects like Christianity has sects Baptist, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist etc etc....or other myhtical religions like Judaism and Islam have varied sects.
  4. Excerpt from sourced book: Christ in Egypt The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock Over a century ago, renowned British Egyptologist Sir Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934), a Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, as well as a confessed Christian, remarked that a study tracing the “influence of ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and mythology on Christianity” would “fill a comparatively large volume. End of excerpt Excerpts from sourced book: Christ in Egypt The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock Despite the disparagement and dismissal, the reality remains that the many Egyptian myths and rituals, including numerous gods and goddesses, prayers and hymns, were not obscure and ignored but were known by millions of people over a long period of time. These hallowed Egyptian motifs included the sacredness of the cross, the virgin mother who gave birth to the divine son, a godman who taught on Earth, led 12 followers, healed the sick, and raised the dead, and who was murdered, buried and resurrected, etc. Although they were often deemed “mysteries,” a number of these important concepts were undoubtedly in the minds of many people by the time the Christian religion appeared in the same areas of the Mediterranean. As pointed out by renowned Swiss Egyptologist Dr. Erik Hornung (b. 1933), a professor emeritus of Egyptology at the University of Basel, the Egyptian mysteries were not necessarily secrets but were carried out in public, such as the annual passion play of the god Osiris.[9] As Dr. Morenz also points out, “The participation of large masses of the population was necessary at the so-called mysteries…”[10] These mysteries were particularly known to those responsible for the creation of religion, the priests, who actively studied and imitated other priesthoods in their fabrications. Knowing what we do about the priesthood and the manufacture of religion, and noting the obvious parallels between the Egyptian religion and Christianity, it would seem disingenuous to suggest that Christianity represents a “unique, divine revelation” to a small group of people in the tiny area of Palestine/Judea. Instead of thus denying the clear connection between the two religions, we will explore it here, using as many relevant and quality sources as is possible. End of excerpts
  5. The actual scriptures XavierOnassis...not people...the actual scriptures when one takes the time to read them are all oppressive. There are Hindu scriptures that are violent towards women. In the myth of Krishna like Muhammad...he waged a brutal and violent war in support of his cult/religion. You ever noticed how Hindu women dress as opposed to their husbands and men...especially when it is hot as hell outside. How they walk behind their husbands. Just like Islamic women.
  6. Now you are engaging in...guess which ones. Psychological Defense Mechanisms: Distortion. ... Projection. ... Dissociation. ... Repression. ... Reaction formation. ... Displacement. ... Intellectualization
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