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  1. Wasn’t there sightings of “angels” in the Bible?
  2. Human rights is a very good legal basis. What if those people that brought them here are passed on?
  3. I don’t know? There are flying crafts in Hindi scripture as well.
  4. Have you ever read Enoch? It describes flying machines.
  5. Forcing a person to a country they don’t know seems like a human rights violation. It endangers their well-being.
  6. For most of my life I believed aliens exist over any god. Our mythology was most likely inspired by aliens, the Bible included.
  7. Excuse me. Most of their lives. This is America , we give preferential treatment all the time if one has the money.
  8. They’ve been here their whole lives. They have an American’s mindset. They love America. Some even serve.
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