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  1. Lol... I'm not giving you b!tches my money.
  2. Whatever you say...I don't give a fuck. Any time you want, go call the Fayetteville Police.
  3. I don't give a fuck. If you don't like me, ban me too. Absolutely no skin will be off of my nose.
  4. And you can go suck a dog dick for all I care... I don't give a fuck about you or your rank here.
  5. You know who acts like you ? A drunk. btw.. i don't give a fuck what ANYBODY on this nobody website thinks. put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  6. And As far as not have as not having any money.. I save a whole lot more money, more quickly than most Americans... The average is $200 a month. I'm saving over a thousand. So fuck you boy
  7. Like I said, I don't give a fuck what you think... So think I'm drunk, I dont give a fuck.. And even if I drank, I'm allowed to... Want the number to the Fayetteville Police ? It's 479 587 3555 Any time you want, call it.
  8. If you want to think I been drinking tonight or any other night.. Think that too. I dont give a fuck.
  9. You have friends nowhere. It's why you're on the internet.. Because you're a internet weirdo troll motherfucker who used to get the shit knocked out of him before the internet back when you had to go harass and abuse people in the street.
  10. As I said, I don't a fuck what you think... If you want to think I'm a queer, go on the fuck ahead. You are nothing to nobody. So go fuck yourself, think whatever rat squat crap you want. I don't give a good goddamn.
  11. Listen you fuckwad.. I don't give a fuck what you think. Go get stuffed into a can already, I need a sandwich... Tuna fish Lol
  12. I went to the Washington county family court, and filed a petition to bar my grand niece from being taken out of the country by her parents. In my petition, this is what I allege against my niece. My niece has Gross, dangerous immaturity and ignorance, and a defiant personality that prevents her from book and documentary and folk conversation learning about the world. And She wants to visit a homogeneous theocracy, in the face of the many reasons why people don't travel to homogeneous Theocracies. Combined with the fact that my niece cannot survi
  13. My niece said to her mom she wants to go visit Iran. I butted in, by telling her that's a great idea Kate, go f)ucking visit Iran... I pulled $6,000 cash out of my wallet and told her to go buy a ticket, because I don't give a f)uck about you, you f)ucked that up. She asked me what the f)uck is wrong with Iran. i told her that the problem is, is that Iran is a theocracy... and when you get murdered there for theocratic reasons, I don't want to hear the f)ucking b!tching and moaning out of your stupid a)ss mom and dad that
  14. Somebody in Boston pulled a gun on me.. I pulled out my two FN Herstal Five Seven, 5.7mm pistols.. And fired the two guns like Alonzo did in Training day.. Lol
  15. what do you think about what my wife and I did though ? lol
  16. I basically told my sister, what my niece said to me which caused the bitter argument.
  17. I hope so too, and actually unlike in neurotypicals, the odds are in our favor, we're generally nice people with enormous love and make friends quickly.
  18. My sister asked me why I did that.. so I said.. Because I'm 34 years old.. I can do whatever the fuck I want. lol
  19. I got thrown out of what little is left of my family last Monday after a bad argument with my niece, over what I guess isn't much. I told my sister, fine... I'll have my own family by next week, mark my words. I went on an Asperger Dating website, found a redhead with light skin, blue eyes and freckles, who has Asperger Syndrome such as I do, who works for AT&T.. Dated her for literally a week. This is what I bought last Thursday, on a credit card... A wedding dress at Davids Bridal, $1,350.00 Wedding bridal lingerie, Veil and peep toe pu
  20. In my book, I have this written as the definition of a labor scam. A for-profit, privately owned and/or managed establishment of productive economic activity, that comes from unregulated or deregulated markets in which : *Have little or no workers unions, where workers unions may be operated by organized crime syndicates, where workers have little or no workers rights. *Labor employees own little or no stock in the company. *The companies are wholly owned and soley operated by management. *The Government allows the economic establishment
  21. If Britain won... #1. The USA would have collapsed long before now. For several reasons.. First of all, an underdeveloped, non power, colonial White America would probably be under some form of economic sanctions long before now.. If America never had the chance to be number 1. #2. Don't think for a second that the slavery that Britain would have abolished is the only regime we can think to come up with and implement... without having the Constitution as we know it, to protect us. And with the Constitution, Chattel slavery wasn
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