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  1. Then I told my friend that My legal purchase of marijuana, does not represent a defiant attitude toward American laws. It's not the birth of a change of power structure. This isn't the psychiatrist being locked up by nutbags wearing guards uniforms.. The central truth is, this is American sanity, with bipartisan support. This is not some political coupe d etat, conquest of America by street thugs, come home to roost. This isn't the Netherlands sending their frogmen here to assinate our government and try to tell us what to do. This is a bip
  2. In my book, I have this written as the definition of a labor scam. A for-profit, privately owned and/or managed establishment of productive economic activity, that comes from unregulated or deregulated markets in which : *Have little or no workers unions, where workers unions may be operated by organized crime syndicates, where workers have little or no workers rights. *Labor employees own little or no stock in the company. *The companies are wholly owned and soley operated by management. *The Government allows the economic establishment
  3. If Britain won... #1. The USA would have collapsed long before now. For several reasons.. First of all, an underdeveloped, non power, colonial White America would probably be under some form of economic sanctions long before now.. If America never had the chance to be number 1. #2. Don't think for a second that the slavery that Britain would have abolished is the only regime we can think to come up with and implement... without having the Constitution as we know it, to protect us. And with the Constitution, Chattel slavery wasn
  4. When he started crying. He tried to ask me if this is the treatment he gets for standing up for what he believes in.. He believes in this, that and the other.. So I grabbed him by the throat.. Pulled him him down to his knees.. And while I was smacking him in the head.. I said to him.. YOU DONT GET TO FUCKING STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.. SHIT FOR BRAINS !!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU.. DICKHEAD ??? YOU GET TO VOTE FOR THE CLOSEST THING OFFERED TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE.. RETARD.
  5. One guy was in there because he's a bully who can't mind his own business and likes to troll people.. I got up in his face.. And I said this to him.. Hey white honky, Buck meth toothed, f@ggoty ass, skinhead looking fucking redneck, trailer trash motherfucker. Did your mom fuck Donkey Kong, or did you just mutate to look like the b!tch did, inside your lard ass, redneck, meth smokin' inbred mom's beer gut. When he didn't answer me.. I kicked him in the shins, and stabbed him in the stomach with a Police baton.. And I said..
  6. He asked me why I'm not into the hippie life.. I told him that I'm not a hippie, because it's unhealthy. I don't fucking walk around with nothing, doing nothing.. If you do, that's your problem. He said good.. So why you don't pay your fucking taxes.. I told him I pay my taxes.. I don't tell the government what I want to pay.. I pay what the government charges me. If in your case, that isn't enough inside your head.. Fuck you.
  7. It's not my problem that America throughout history has been dependent on pre-existing commodities and therefore didn't need an education, and so therefore even in states with higher academic standards, it still is less than in Western Europe, where such commodities are not available from home, and so they rely on global trade. Cotton, Tobacco, and Sugar in the South. Corn in the Midwest and Mid-South right now today. Oil in the Southwest and in Alaska and now natural gas from the same regions and from the Black Hills. Coal from the Appala
  8. STFU, this isn't your waffle iron and people are not your fucking waffle iron. I ought to shoot ya.
  9. I didn't make the tax code.. I didn't make how it's distributed. I didn't make the fact that in the 1800s, the majority of Americans would today, be considered illiterate.. Combined with the fact that Wheeling West virginia is a former coal town that did not need to advance as long as coal was there and necessary. I didn't make the fact from the mid 1800s, all the way to the 1970s.. Wheeling, West Virginia had one the best standards of living in America, and that you're fortunate in life if you were raised there... Because of how well paying that coa
  10. In order to universally have the same outcomes to life, we need to metricate the human world.. Here are ONLY SOME of the PRE-KNOWN difficulties with it. #1. One Universal language is needed. Difficulties include governmental jurisdiction, and opposition that is both grassroots and centrally manufactured by political powers, and the human brain itself being barrier to learning new languages. And such would make a winner and loser. Because what is the perfect language for the entire human world to universally speak, write and understand ?
  11. Putting it in specific spelled out writing could be had, especially with pro people democrats in office.
  12. The 13th Amendment bans slavery.. The spirit of it also prevents the economic benefits associated with slavery.. Regardless of how those benefits are reaped by a such a small minority that they don't matter to the democracy or to the workforce.
  13. What would happen if the US government told Google, Tesla, Uber, and Tu Simple... That their autonomous driver projects are over, they're banned and they're not coming out.. Because it is unfair to society and creates slave labor... The machine is the slave... And paid employees can't compete with that, any more than they could compete with Kunta Kinte. And states that you have paid off against the workers unions.. Will either reverse their decisions.. Or lose funding for highways. People have of an IQ of 100..
  14. No such maneuver has ever worked before in history and it's been tried before... Including by them, right here in America.
  15. If you were a foreigner and you had no idea who I was describing.. And I gave this description of them.. What would you think if I described them AS this ? Both, 12% of a country's population, and over 50% of the same country's violent criminals. Under 50% graduation rate High School (or secondary), over 50% dropout rate. A lifespan that is about 20 years less than the majority of the people of the country's society. Over 50% of the children living with and being raised and supported by family members, two generations prec
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