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  1. I am sorry to hear that. Moderna is really close to developing a vaccine for HIV. I wish you well my friend
  2. Maybe but I am betting that most just got sucked into it
  3. yIt is really funny. When I was a young boy my moter taught me that lying was really bad. Well I went off to college and one weekend I came home and my mother was taling to one of her democrat friends. The conversation wen this way< "It is OK for Democrats to lie if it accomplishes their goal". Was was really disgusted. Libs have no problem lying to get what they want. I am no longer in contact with most of my family as they walked off the lberal cliff and fell into the shitpile of stupidity
  4. That is definately one of the issues. Batteries do not last for ever and disposing of them is difficut plus the fossil fuel used to create them
  5. i think that electric vehicle are a good idea but are still plagued with many problems and Yes, "you should live when you are young but us old farts should live as well"
  6. And how will you stop the lies? Will you put conservatives in prison?
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