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  1. Actually, I pictured a trio of far right dingbats in some filthy basement trying to outdo each other in demonizing liberals........one says: "let's say they are pedophiles.....people hate pedophiles"......another one goes: "yeah, pedophiles...and nasty child sex trafficers"....the third one says: "and cannibals too...everybody hates cannibals".....and the first one tries to top that: "let's make them blood drinking cannibals".....and one of them says: "yeah, and Satan worshiping, blood drinking cannibals too!".....and they all agree: "sounds good...and we'll tell the gullible rubes that these
  2. Yup! That's what all the sane people have been saying for the last four years.......... Final Tally Of Lies: analysts say Trump told 30,000 mistruths - that’s 21 a day - during presidency Former president made almost 21 untrue statements a day while in office, analysis suggests The Independent
  3. That's not a fact, WhiteRetardedDork, it's another far right wing nutjob fantasy. In reality, there are far, FAR more people, in both America and the entire world, who can clearly see that Trump and his crackpot Qanon/Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist/Bat-Shit-Crazy followers, who attempted a failed assault and kidnap/takeover/insurrection on Congress and American Democracy, are reality-challenged anti-American traitors and whiney little sore losers....than there are Republicans. Numbers matter, you poor wacko. Which is why you little wannabe fascists (including Trump) LOST the election b
  4. Yup! A really good thing then that the Traitor Trump's fascist coup attempt was thwarted, eh, LaughingLunatic? Glad you agree.
  5. For people who constantly bleat about their supposedly sacred "rights", you right wing redneck rubes seem to be extremely ignorant and way too lazy to actually learn anything about the actual legal meaning of "free speech" in America. Some of you imagine that your right to free speech is absolute and without limitations. Sorry, you are quite mistaken. There are a number of legally established and proper limitations. One of the most well known and oldest in this country is a Supreme Court decision back in 1919 with a majority opinion written by Chief Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes
  6. Yeah, that's exactly what everybody would have been saying if you treasonous twerps had somehow succeeded in your treason and installed Trump as Dictator-for-life.
  7. You stupid fuckheads nearly killed some members of Congress in your failed insurrection. You think that doesn't get the military's attention? All those troops are there entirely because you treasonous rightwing Trump-suckers pose such an unusual and violent danger to the Innauguration of a honestly and fairly elected President. You are traitors to America.
  8. More retarded rightwingnut myths and lies that you swallowed, you poor crackpot. Oh, that's coming soon, retard. Were you at the Capitol? You might be on their list. Notable Arrests After the Riot at the Capitol The New York Times By Marie Fazio Published Jan. 10, 2021Updated Jan. 16, 2021 On Jan. 6, a mob of Trump supporters, encouraged by President Trump himself, converged on the U.S. Capitol, swept past law enforcement and rampaged through the halls of Congress.
  9. Oh really....what did he say.....that you have something in your skull besides bullshit.....that would definitely be a big lie.
  10. Yes, two of the most reputable and honest media sources in the country. Your fraudulent rightwingnut myths that tel youl to only believe the most disreputable and dishonest rightwingnut sources, and reject anybody who will point out the lies and disinformation that you have moronically fallen for, are what make you look like a freaking lunatic all the time, Str8Crazy. Always a good question to ask yourself, you poor misinformed nutjob.
  11. i honestly didn't think that you could possibly say anything more stupid than what you've already posted, crazyhoe......but now you've managed to achieve that feat of utter imbelicity.
  12. Nope! It's Republicans and rightwing wackos in disgrace (or possibly prison) time! And about time too!!!
  13. And that is entirely because you treasonous rightwing Trump-suckers pose such an unusual and violent danger to the Innauguration of a honestly and fairly elected President. You are traitors to America. It’s Official: The Election Was Secure These government officials, judges, and elected leaders, overwhelmingly Republican, have publicly acknowledged confidence in the November election. Brennan Center for Justice December 11, 2020 ( excerpts)
  14. Oh, so lame! You actually believe Breitfart? LOLOLOL. Breitbart is the master of fake news
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