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  1. Obviously!!! But does he actually imagine that he is anything else? Is he so extremely stupid that he imagines that his posts are somehow clever responses to the topic? Or is he just a paid troll, getting some small amount per post, so he just doesn't care that everybody sees him as an idiotic, useless, abusive pest? I was just curious.
  2. Delusional insanity, WhiteRetardedMan. Your rightwingnuts imagine that "the whole world knows" your delusions are somehow true but in reality your crackpot, evidenceless election fraud conspiracy bullshit is all in your own heads. Just another demented conspiracy theory that is totally divorced from reality. The whole world laughs at you. You nutjobs of course believe in your own myths and fantasies because you all got a divorce from reality a long time ago.
  3. In other words, you're too clueless and stupid to understand plain English. Too bad. Here's a summary for the simple minded... The Australian Example is not about the total number of deaths and homicides over the years, moron. You really missed the point. Australia enacted its gun control laws in reaction to a horrific mass shotting in 1998..........and 23 years later it is obvious that those laws have worked really well.........only one mass shooting in those 23 years, compared to thousands in the United States demonstrates their success......and demonstrates the insan
  4. "They" should be nervous.....but mysteriously, they are definitely NOT nervous.....instead they are at ease and laughing at you. It's like the rightwingnuts are insane, when one goes even more insane, they all start to go really insane. Welcome to prison, Conman-in-Chief tRump.
  5. Do you really somehow imagine that ANYBODY sees you as anything other than an annoying but totally meaningless pipsqueak troll, Fuckface615? If you do, that's just more evidence that you are pathologically delusional, as well as severely retarded.
  6. I used the very appropriate example of Australia, a country occupying an entire continent that is almost 3/4 the size of America, you silly retard. They passed sensible gun control laws and have only had one mass shooting (an entire family mysteriously wiped out on an isolated farm recently) since 1998.........while America has had, in the same time period, hundreds of mass shooting, including school shootings......and just in the first few months of this year, as of April 15th, there have been eight mass shootings (and a few more in just the few days since) with a total of 68 casualties. To h
  7. Actually, you retarded gunnut piece of shit, the world has ample proof that gun control laws work really well. Australia changed its gun laws after a 1996 mass shooting More than 20 years ago, just weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in Australia's history, the country's then-Prime Minister John Howard made it clear: Australia would not be like the United States. Australia made sweeping gun control measures after a man killed 35 people with a semi-automatic weapon in a popular tourist area of Port Arthur, in Tasmania. Weeks after the April 1996 tragedy, the country and its states
  8. Typical rightwingnut stupidity....moronically denying mainstream media facts and statistics. Parroting rightwingnut racist myths unsupported by any evidence. And yes, you are indeed massively retarded, WhitePunk.
  9. ....The GatewayPoofters...........LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...............zero credibility!!!........popular with total losers..........
  10. Too bad you are so insane WhitePunk, you poor deranged racist piece of shit. In the real world....... https://www.statista.com › statistics • Mass shootings by shooter's race in the U.S. 2021 | Statista Of the 116 mass shootings which occurred in the U.S. between 1982 and March 2021, the shooter was white in 66 shootings, black in 21 and Latino in 10. Right.....the white gun-nut culture. Dissecting the American Gun Nut And the truth about their hero fantasies There are
  11. The OP strikes a familiar Republican refrain......DENY REALITY. It's their fallback position on just about every issue. President Biden is currently riding a wave of public approval for his very successful efforts to get Americans vaccinated and for his economic relief package that he got passed, with the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris poll showing "that 61% of voters approve of Biden and 39% disapprove", and A similar poll taken in February 2017 showed an approval rating of 48% for former President Donald Trump. The poll also said Americans' views on the economy have impr
  12. Too bad you got sooooo insane, Mirabooboo...............seek professional help.....and I don't mean a hooker.....a good psychologist or psychiatrist could probably do wonders for your delusions and megalomania and other glaringly obvious mental problems.
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