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  1. Well, this is not the first time. US always wants to have the information about everything what is going on in this world, and this is understandable because our country is the most powerful economy in the world. I wonder what kind of drone did the use, maybe if they used a simple model no one would even know that is was from US. If you wanna know how the drone detection radar works, check this article on mydronehq.com, this most likely the way how they did detect the drone and took it down.
  2. Yeah, you're absolutely right. What about the UCP? Do you remember this event https://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/ucp-candidate-caylan-ford-resigns-after-controversial-online-comments-surface, when Caylan Ford resigned because of her racist declarations? I think that after this incident, the UCP can easily compete with democrats regarding racism! Although, she made the right choice by quitting on time, her white supremacist values are just unpardonable for the 21st century. Moreover, her last statements after this scandal, didn't have any word of apology or regret. That's incredible! Will
  3. When you make out your insurance, you need to be careful. Before insuring your health, you had to discuss your requirements in detail. There are also terrible insurance companies that love to cheat on money. Once an insurance company tried to cheat my friend. It's a good thing that his lawyer noticed something was wrong, and they refused the services of the insurance company. My friend changed his mind about taking out health insurance in general, but I told him about the benefits of health insurance. After my words, he changed his mind.
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