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  1. Why doesn't he just release it on the White House website? He has journalists who are friendly to him. You think journalists wouldn't want this scoop?
  2. He has a room in his house that is built to host press conferences. You think he now has no means to communicate with the American public?
  3. I don't have any faith that legislation passed with Republican votes is going to be worth anything. If you need ten Republicans to pass a healthcare bill, it's not going to be a good bill. I don't think populism has destroyed the GOP at all. Even with electoral artifacts favoring Democrats, a media more opposed to a single politician than we've ever seen, and a pandemic that this politician handled horribly, the Democrats underperformed in this election. I think you and I just have two different visions of how this plays out. In my view Biden is going to be wa
  4. Trump hijacked a movement. He didn't start it, and I don't think he's ended it. I do think that his personality was the perfect storm for accelerating it.
  5. I think that a majority in the Senate is a precious thing to waste for Democrats. Turnout is life for Democrats, and watered down policies and cynicism are bad for turnout. The Republicans don't have the same reservations that Democrats do, and it puts the Democrats at a severe disadvantage. Either they can grow a pair and pass some meaningful legislation, or they can continue letting the Republicans wreck the Federal government. I think I know exactly which they're going to choose, and it's precisely why I was against Biden. Climate change is going to ravage the world,
  6. They should change the Senate rules, instead. This is my point. Having to reach out to "sane" Republicans requires that legislation be watered down. That's exactly what happened with Obama, and precisely why I think his presidency was followed by the Trump presidency. I hope that Biden doesn't make the same mistake. The legislation needs to be visionary and meaningful. If Republicans have control over what bills are passed, the results will be disappointing at best and disastrous at worst.
  7. Well the FBI definition fits. But I'll admit that the FBI definition is very broad. It simply includes all political violence. I think that if you really investigate most people's beliefs, nearly everyone would believe that political violence can be justified in certain scenarios.
  8. I don't think it's very mysterious at all. Most people, especially Americans, are very cynical about politics. They don't believe that they can enact any real change, and the most they're willing to do is vote during Presidential election years, and if that's as far as you're willing to participate you're constrained to whoever has already been selected by other more involved people, so they vote for whichever people they think serves their interests best given those constraints.
  9. Good. One very valid criticism of Biden and Obama was their willingness to treat Republicans as "principled opposition" when the party has been steering further and further away from that since Gingrich became Speaker.
  10. It's odd to me that this great deal of fraud only seems to exist when no one has to definitively prove anything. As soon as the risk of perjury comes into play, suddenly the evidence vanishes. And the point is that you disagree with Trump. He believes, or claims to believe, that he didn't just win, but in a landslide. You think he's wrong or lying?
  11. I don't think any election has ever been stolen in the United States through voter fraud or by election officials simply lying about the vote count. I do think that party officials and politicians can use more covert means to sway elections in the manner they want them to go, but I think this is a fact that's becoming less and less true. Trump came about because Republican Party officials lost control of their party.
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