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  1. So while I understand the feeling that "some" blacks don't behave themselves. I also understand why "some" don't. I have said if another group of black leaders hold hands and crosses another bridge, it will be, again, in vain. Violence get's people's attention. If the Americans would not have rose up in violence, we would still be under British Rule. If the workers hadn't beared arms against the corporate owners, there would have not been unions. Who pays for it? Yes the tax payers. That's why it get noticed and people start to listen. If the blacks paid for fixing what they tore down, no
  2. I have read the rules and 2 though 14 are the correct way to do this. All people must abide by 2 trough 14 rules. However the documentary, The Social Dilemma, points out why rule No 1 is not good for our country. All Americans have to get out of our bubble. Seek the truth and discuss what is only the truth.
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