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  1. Is one vote per person too much to ask? Since ID's are impossible to get unless you're white how about a finger print? Is it racist to have been born with a finger print or two? You don't even have to sign a vote. One finger print paired with one vote. If a duplicate finger print is detected it is thrown out. Unless the database is tampered with to allow dups...... Why are immigrants of countries that the US is currently or recently in conflict with allowed to run for office? Do you think it's possible that they might not have the best interest of the US in mind when they
  2. It's common sense. I posted events that have happened. I'm not spewing right-wing anything. Again, valid points of discussion that get spun into a political classification when talking with a liberal. And since you deemed me right-wing my comments shouldn't matter and I'm full of bs right? Talking points are talking points. Unless things change with this process my vote won't matter and neither will yours.
  3. For some reason I didn't expect a civil response. Thanks for that! I agree that a re-vote needs to be done and in-person. This whole thing sounded rotten from the start. A total set-up for foul play in my opinion and the facts appear to confirm that. I don't see how any American could say that this is a fair election. Whoever wins, so-be-it as long as its fair. If there isn't an in-person re-vote, I will have to think long and hard if I will be voting again. What will be the point unless a massive change in the process and rules takes place?
  4. I've seen a complete lack of common sense and logic in this country in the past 4 years. I'm in the middle. I'm not for any particular party. I voted for Bill Clinton and I was actually leaning Democrat up to a year ago. The media is worthless to me. All I can do is take the info that is out there and try and sift through the bs and see if it adds up to what actually seems to be going on. I hear of people voting for Biden more-so just because they hate Trump instead of believing in Biden. I ask my liberal friend why he hates Trump and watch the wind-up begin. "He's a racist, he's an ego-mani
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