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  1. Trump never directed his hypocrisy at me. He only trash-talks other big shots. It's like pro-wrestling. Pelosi, Fauci, and the others seem to only attack me, never their own kind. Not a fair fight.
  2. Why didn't we fire George Bush? The Iraq war cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives. It was based on the lie about WMDs. I think the OP's point is that talking about Stormy Daniels is like letting George Bush off the hook.
  3. I've never heard a liberal describe slogans like "The war to end all wars" or "Make the world safe for democracy" as dangerous rhetoric. I guess it's true that silence is violence.
  4. I think medical care should be outlawed. Americans already have the worst obesity and don't need to be drugged up any more than they already are.
  5. Did you try to destroy the US by denigrating the election system when Russia disrupted it?
  6. Alex Jones is the one who said Iraq didn't have WMDs. There was no proof, but the war waged on regardless. Maybe that's why Trump, who failed to start a war, is also failing to have his voter fraud cases move forward despite a voting system that requires no ID, no signature, and no postmark.
  7. Liberals get excited about this because they do not realize that this is what leads to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.
  8. Aren't liberals support to be advocates of the poor? It's always very amusing to see them bending over backwards to justify giving more voting control to wealthy urban people like themselves.
  9. CNN was a big part of the WMDs lie that caused the Iraq war. Liberals defend CNN and other corporate media against alternative media because liberals believe CNN is generally on their side. CNN also electioneered for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and later for Kamala Harris over Tulsi Gabbard. CNN rose to infamy in 1990 when they were caught on tape staging a Gulf War segment. It doesn't matter how much they lie. They're funded by drug companies and defense contractors, same as the Democrat Party.
  10. Were you okay with Bush and Obama's wars? Every politician commits tons of crimes. What's remarkable about Trump are the few times when he doesn't do what every other politician has done.
  11. I guess it's still legal to make fun of people for being poor?
  12. The homeless are a frequent target for scientific experiments.
  13. I agree with you that Cook is a fraud, and that most scientists don't agree with global warming, or at least don't have an opinion on it, and certainly not the alarmist opinion that New York City was killed by a tidal wave in 2008 like the head of NASA claims. That's the real misrepresentation by Cook. But what I'm saying is that this isn't relevant or persuasive, to anyone. Unfortunately, individual scientists simply don't matter, because they don't have a voice. They are employed by large organizations where they do compartmentalized work, and can be fired easily. These large organizations s
  14. Liberals are very quick to entrust away authority, as if by magic knowing that teachers as a class will be more liberal than parents as a class. It seems true, but as individuals, even liberal parents do not trust liberal teachers more than liberal parents trust themselves. There's always going to be a distortion. What if teachers are Kamala Harris liberals, not Bernie Sanders liberals? Will they teach children social justice, instead of economic justice? After all, teachers are a heavily pandered voting bloc. This thread has become a perfect example of why teachers should uniforml
  15. Not a good tack. Face it. Experts are against us. You're quibbling over numbers. Let me tell you a little story. The reason it was easy for me to see global warming as a hoax was because I had been reading a lot about nutrition science, and anyone not familiar with nutrition science would never believe how derelict it is. We all know you can go to the book store and see 20 different diet books each backed by their own set of facts. But it probably doesn't dawn on us that it's the experts who are to blame. Surely it's just a bunch of celebrities hoping to create the next big trend,
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