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  1. I'm like...literally a Nazi. I read a bunch of their stuff and agree with it. From Rosenberg to Heidegger to Schmidt.
  2. Our patience has its limits. One day we will shut your lying Jewish mouths.
  3. That was an absurd debate irrelevancy. It actually meant nothing at all. Biden was pretending that trump has some sort of control over ' White supremacists', which he does not, and requested that trump tell them to stand down. Which trump did. Did they? No. So that basically proves the whole thing was ridiculous and irrelevant. Nobody takes orders from trump. Also yes they did. Not only proud boys but any and all right wing groups. It was the DHS under trump that warned right wing groups (particularly anyone that the media decides to label as white suprem
  4. Please show me how on earth trump supported the 'Proud boys'. When his administration designated them a terrorist organization?
  5. Wrong. Birth control doesn't prevent fertilization. It prevents connection g to the uterine wall
  6. Don't stop the Nazis dude. The world would be a better place today if they were permitted to destroy the ussr.
  7. When they have a Mark they read stuff. But usually they don't. They just throw everything into their hard drives unread. The FBI and other agencies have in fact admitted that they do not like having agents get too educated about the right wing dissidents. Why? Because they have a nasty habit of actually being persuaded by the arguments.
  8. It was some sort of chemical abortion method. Like their version of the morning after pill. We don't know much about it.
  9. Not just him either. Antifa in general works for the fbi. You ought to be suspicious when antifa has ALWAYS known when a right wing demonstration would occur, and show up to provoke violence. Even a friggen anti war protest organized by Richard Spencer. Anti war. But what really made it obvious was that the fbi cited an antifa website (with provably false allegations) as evidence in court against the 'Rise above' movement. Not even trying to hide it at that point. The FBI has been very annoyed for over a decade now that they are not
  10. I found the poem to be really stupid. And also painfully fake...yhe very idea that a person who has had such a privileged life would dare to pretend to be some sort of victim.
  11. How does it affect me if a mentally ill person has power? Seriously?
  12. I like you. And I basically am the confederacy.
  13. Actually I learned this from the ny times https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.the-sun.com/news/2102145/us-capitol-police-officer-brian-sicknick-dies-riot/amp/ It was not clear if the blunt force had killed him; a chemical agent may have led to his death,” NYT reported, citing a source. but since then, it seems the new york Times scrubbed this source. I tried to find my prior citation and it had disappeared. Perhaps the UK is late to get the memo.
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