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  1. Yes they did...any serious student of history knows that. But the knowledge was destroyed with the burning of the library of Alexandria.
  2. Just stop. That hasn't mattered since the Civil War. Stop with your unicorn and rainbow crap.
  3. How am I personally affected by some negro on negro killing? Let's make it legal.
  4. I appreciate the sentiment but nazis were opposed to mandatory vaccination. In fact they had a strong preference for natural immunity.
  5. When I heard the vaccine doesn't prevent contracting and transmission of covid, I knew that getting the vaccine would be a real bad idea. It suppresses the adaptive immune response. Your body is tricked into thinking it has antibodies that it simply doesn't have.
  6. they have extracted DNA from hundreds of corpses...i posted a link about the general results. I dunno about ramses II...i havent seen DNA results for him specifically....but king tut for example was sampled...and he was R1b2 haplogroup...and basically the closest genetic relative to him would be people from northwest europe. There were very few mummies with any sub saharan admixture. Like seriously...more closely related to a modern scottish man than anyone in the middle east.
  7. Why would I give a shit? I'm a seeker of truth...and this is truth. Even if I personally was not white, I would believe it.
  8. All I posted was scientific evidence that Egyptians were not black. Indeed they seemed to be white...especially the ruling class during its highest points
  9. Lol...whatever your attempts at mindreading...it is just a fact. Do you deny science?
  10. Well...it is written that they came from egypt
  11. i would also like to add, that there is evidence that ISIS-k is just a Fed honeypot: https://realalexrubi.substack.com/p/did-the-us-support-the-growth-of Our government does this all the time. For example, white nationalists have always known that atomwaffen was a honeypot...and now there is proof https://national-justice.com/exclusive-fbi-paid-leader-satanic-pedophile-death-cult-82000-take-over-atomwaffen-division-order this is the MO of our government. They control the opposition, and associate anything they dislike (white or islamic nationalism, for example) with terrorism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO ISIS is just run by the USA and Israel. It is a honeypot for muslims. THat should ask some questions about the mysterious attack...with no apparent motive...on US troops by ISIS-k. I dont really know, personally. my initial suspicion is that it was an assassination...they had to kill some marine who knew too much...tie up loose ends. But you can imagine whatever conspiracy theory you like...the one thing that is clear is that the mainstream narrative makes no sense.
  12. apparently the USA is capable of blowing stuff up, and they had the foresight to start doing this in APRIL: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/world/asia/cia-afghanistan-evacuations-demolitions.html they didnt want to leave anything behind here, because they were torturing people in violation of geneva conventions...which we do all the time. Here is someone who died there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gul_Rahman Now i personally am disgusted with how brutal the USA is, especially when we have no business in some distant country. I think this is all because Israel has hijacked our foreign policy. Indeed, i blame israel for 9/11 also...not only be provoking it but also giving material support...which there is evidence of https://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=123885&page=1 but the point here is...its funny that we seemed to be able to quietly evacuate and destroy important things in april. Things do not add up, therefore, in the mainstream narrative. ultimately the outcome of this war seems to be that we need millions of afghanis in wisconsin. there is indeed bipartisan support on the idea of turning wisconsin into afghanistan...whether or not the afghans have covid https://www.fox6now.com/news/wisconsin-afghan-refugees-tested-for-covid-vaccine-not-required so as hysterical everyone seems to be about a rather bad flu...they clearly prioritize the browning of america as ultimately more important for that. our elites are probably not stupid. They are sadists. They enjoyed torturing afghanis to death, and they enjoy destroying white america.
  13. That timeline does not match up. Sorry.
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