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  1. Tell me 5 of the richest men who lived at the same time as diogenes.
  2. I identify with white people in general. Not just women.
  3. I have zero ethical issues with what breivik did. Zero. I just accuse him of making a strategic blunder. Obviously it did not stop immigration. It was pretty stupid of him to think it might. I'll disavow the guy if you want me to. Just not for the reasons you want me to. I agree that Norway should remain Norway. And people who want to commit genocide against Norwegians should die. I agree with him completely about that. Hopefully someday the Norwegians will have the ability to manifest such justice. They just don't yet. He was too idealistic.
  4. Why do you call this right wing? The right vs left dichotomy is so stupid when dealing with issues of nativism vs xenophilia.
  5. Biden told us we needed f 15s to overthrow the government. Did he see f 15s on Jan 6th? Cause I didn't.
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