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  1. An anecdote is not a statistic. The statistical fact is that police kill far more white people than black people. This begs the question therefore...why don't you know this?
  2. i believe that both sides know that chimeras are fake, but one side pretends they are real as a way to signal their obedience to authority and their ability to adopt ideas the authority pushes EVEN IF they are self contradictory and violate basic logic. the chimeras themselves are not the real focus of the debate. The pro-chimera side itself even advocates for the sterilization of chimeras...which is probably an intelligent eugenic policy that would reduce the amount of mental illness in the country...much like abortion is a useful way to reduce the number of blacks in the country
  3. You want an answer? It's cause you are white, so the establishment hates you. As far as I'm concerned, I would agree and amplify. Abolish the police. Let me, a white guy, enforce my own justice.
  4. I look forward to you trying. Putin would beat our ass.
  5. if you are equating me having no respect for the life of some career criminal retard who fights police with racism...then you are basically suggesting that all black people are like this guy. Thats pretty racist dude...as racist as i am, I am fully aware that the majority of black people are nothing like this guy. Only about 1/3 to 1/5th of black people are. you are pretty radical, dude.
  6. you guys are basically trying to persuade white people that they are not oppressed...by oppressing them. lol. You are your own worst enemy.
  7. sure, ill just cross their southern border in a caravan and claim asylum. Wait...china isnt stupid enough to fall for that.
  8. The only person bluffing here seems to be you. But you are welcome for the lesson on what corporatism actually is. I'm sure you looked at the word and thought it meant rule by wall mart...lol. dumbass.
  9. If you become too well known you will be shut down by the ADL.
  10. Putin would not be wrong to believe that the usa is basically a failed country. But this has little to do with what happens in Russia. I think leaders around the world are very much aware that china is going to replace the usa as the world hegemon. In the long term, I simply do not think the usa is a relevant country. For anyone.
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