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  1. I really do not care what black people are feeling. It is very easy to simply buy the black vote. They don't give a fuck about arguments or principles or other white person shit.
  2. Too bad buddy. Nobody ever defeated me in battle. Some of my close friends sure. I personally was always a bit of an athletic prodigy.
  3. I did not vote for trump. But I tend to like people who liked him more than people with insane hatred for him. I just think he was controlled opposition.
  4. I had a DNA test and I am half English and half Scottish. Am I still white?
  5. I already knew she would elected, retard lol A lot of my friends laughed at me a few months ago when tulsi seemed to end her ambitions. But turns out i was right, eh? Nobody laughing now ...
  6. I am very fucking racist. I am also very correct. That is the hardest pill to swallow. But all of you will....eventually...
  7. My experience is not unique. Look at basic fucking stats. But furthermore you have no clue what is BEHIND those stats. I've seen this shit first hand. I even dealt drugs in my youth lol. You dont know shit.
  8. The bottom line is...dont fucking tell me (repulsive nerdy voice) "you never had a nigger have your back!" I never needed one, unlike you. But yeah...i get the racial dynamic playing out here. I've literally seen people getting their ass shot. You haven't seen shit. Don't preach to me. It's obvious.
  9. Yeah it's a bad thing. It is anti truth. Cause you have never seen the facts on the ground. I have. And when I tell you what's up you treat me like Cassandra. I am Beyond frustrated with this shit.
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