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  1. We agreed and stated that we wouldn't be back to targeting these forums, since our initial reason for the attacks wasn't personal. But after coming to visit .net today during the situation in The Capitol, we saw a dozen of people justifying and mocking the death of innocent unarmed female protestor based on the fact that she was affiliated with a differing political candidate. As any moral men, we can't let this happen, therefore tomorrow liberalforum.net will be going down. This forum will remain.
  2. DDos attack! All right ! Fess up, who did it? It had to have been a CON, because his site has so many libs now! Cast offs from here!
  3. I don't think so. On record I have no idea, but let's just say my gut tells me you're good.
  4. I've read so many theories on what may have caused all of this, it was quite amusing. I'll relieve you, it weren't secrets government agencies, Russian bots or Trump/Biden efforts. Actual explanation is quite simple, really. It's this one right here. I won't be giving any further detail.
  5. My friend runs a group who did it. Said they planning this website in the morning, that's why I asked if you 2 are related.
  6. Sorry for being a dummy guys, I'm new here, but who is Cannon and whats the NHB site that was DDosed? Haven't heard of it. Should we be worried too?
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