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  1. Fuck off ya wormy little creep.......and tell her/it she should blow her brains out.
  2. Translation: "I have no friends, nobody in my family likes me....I'd kill myself but I'm afraid of an Eternity even worse that life has been....my name is "Zaro" which is ebonics for "Zero".
  3. Still trying to get my goat, witch? useless enterprise as many others have found out...why don't you shut up and fix me a sandwich or watch somebody who knows how to make a sandwich.
  4. Not a painless ride on the goodbye gurney after 20 years of appeals. Tell a perp what I have in store for him and he'll have a come to Jesus moment....guaranteed.
  5. I used to be a pro-hanging on pay-per-view proponent but I changed. Now I believe a murderer should be murdered in the same fashion they acted. If they choked their victim, sneak into their cell in the middle of the night and strangle them....same with a knife or firearm. Wait until they think all that's ahead of them is a peaceful snooze, then let them feel the terror and pain their victim felt before sending them on the Big Sleep/Dirt Nap. If you want capital punishment to work it must be scarier than the alternative...ie not murdering somebody. Who's with me?
  6. Chickie....if you're reading this come back....Chunk! is gone and we can Bonny & Clyde the hell out of this bunch.....BACON....bring me BACON!!!
  7. Since I've decided to delight my readers with my wonderfulness, I should probably mention I had the KungFlu.....for 2 hours. Woke up, head swimming, 104 temperature, coughing...oh oh. ERs around Scottsdale slammed, 5 hour waits, no beds...no way....maybe this was it. So I laid down on the couch...no AC, no fans, no open windows......and a cool breeze blew over me. I sat up....cough stopped, temp sank down to 99 (I've always run a little hot) and it was gone. God's child.
  8. First she was a dental assistant and then she became a used car salesman? I wonder how many husbands she went through before she realized she's a lesbian? 😏
  9. Her's was a 128 OVC, front-wheel drive....cornered like a snake in a rat hole. Timing belt broke and bent the valves....pity how it died, still trying to run....RIP FiFi.
  10. 1978 slob...wife's car....I drove IROC Camaros.....you're as dumb as you are fugly.
  11. Further....I cured myself of mono once by driving from Detroit to Floriduh, drinking 19 beers over the course of ten hours on the beach at Liquordale, cooked in the sun....woke up next morning to beach patrol jeep tracks a couple inches from my head....reckon they never saw me...God's child...nothing can kill me....I was in combat AO's 285 days of my tour and never got a scratch until the last day when a piece of shrapnel went through my cheek, ricochetted off one of my lower molars and came out the side of my neck....missed my carotid artery by maybe a centimeter....God's child.
  12. BTW, I had another wisdom toof that abscessed at the same time and I was later put under a general and had my three remaining wisdom teeth extracted. I was told not to drive home when I came to....I danced down the stairs, hopped in the Fiat with the wife and drove home...laid down on the couch and slept almost 24 hours....got up felt fine....so there ya go, Tubby....the rest of the story.
  13. Hey Fatso.....you've never been to Spokane, Wa or you'd know how stupid you are. It's where the canucks come for healthcare and get shanked by charlatans. My wife had 3 fillings by this fool before I punched him and when we got back to Phoenix they all resulted in root canals. You might consider an apology since it's obvious to even you I ain't lying and you are. Of course your apology would mean nothing to me....might save face with some of the others here though.
  14. Nah, you're a beast...sweaty drunk who hangs out at truck stops for spending money over your EBT free food. Hell, you're probably contemplating starting to murder your johns ala Aileen Wuornos. Ol Highway 61 probably saved some lives giving you a mod gig.
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