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  1. I hope to spend my last dollar on a hooker and cocaine the last day of my life at age 90. Then I'll steal a souped-up Ducati and head for Flagstaff wide-open until the road or a police roadblock end me. Then throw my body in the back and ride me to the junkyard in my Cadillac.
  2. And how are those grandchildren supposed to learn self-reliance and handle pressure?.....it's a sure recipe for ruining them.
  3. Where are the parents? Common sense says folks over 50 have a definite opinion of tattooed people and are either afraid of them or offended by them. Would I hire and send a tattooed fool out to sell my product to the public?... Or if my daughter brought home some nitwit covered in ink,. would I welcome him with open arms? not a chance, Sundance.
  4. Back in the day, tattoos were a signal you were dealing with an ex-con or an alcoholic sailor. You never saw tattoos on women until hippie chicks started getting little flowers or hearts inked on their ankle or on their pelvis. This was a signal of independence and/or an invitation to anal sex because she didn't mind a little pain. Military units often got liquored up on liberty and got marked up with shit that freaked them out the next morning. And then all of a sudden it went mainstream and now you see all kinds of supposedly normal people covered in graphics that are pretty much meaning
  5. The Rat party pinned the blame for Flint's lead-laced water on the GOP governor when the truth is the Flint city council (all black) voted for using Flint River water and Obama's EPA ignored the early warnings they got. Trump carried Michigan in 2020 same as he did in 2016. When that witch from the Green Party spent contributed money on a recount in 2016, they quit due to blatant cheating as soon as they opened up the Detroit area totals...and she kept a million bucks for herself. You scum haven't won a fair election since 1960 when JFK's mob pals stole Illinois thanks to Sam Giancana mob b
  6. I bet her pussy is a catcher's mitt...her ass reminds me of a '58 Chevy Impala from behind. 😅
  7. You're a loud-mouth little weasel hiding behind a keyboard....loser.
  8. The hatchet-faced witch is the most hated woman in Michigan....her only shot at avoiding oblivion was to be Pedo-Joe's VP but Kamalatoe beat her to the punch. As for Fauchi......he has no self-control since the limelight struck...he'll say or do anything to get on TV.....
  9. If it seems like I have a small, new article of faith in the putrid Lions, maybe I do.....I'm from the Motor City afterall but haven't lived there in 50 years or had to watch them operate on TV as a toy for the Ford family. But the new regime is interesting....anything would be better than the Quinn/Patricia duet.....a GM who was clearly out of his depth and a hideously obese coach who could barely stand for 60 minutes of football.
  10. Interesting take but premature....Sewell hasn't ever encountered an NLF defensive end....he'll get schooled his first year but survive and prosper. Decker just signed a new 4 year deal and will remain the LT through the duration...he's a good one. Then at age 32, he either stays in Detroit or leaves or retires and Sewell takes over on Gott's blind-side. Detroit will finish the job on the defense in the 2022 draft, not interested in a QB....Goff is 26 and should get coached up enough to run the Detroit offense for years...strong arm, good vision, and a line that will keep him from getting ch
  11. I'd imagine I've forgotten more about football than you imagine you know, putz. I was a Unitas to Raymond Berry fan the late 50's.....I doubt you've ever heard of either of them....Or Dan Fouts, or R.C.Owens, or Alex Karras and Roger Brown. How about Sam Huff, Chuck Bednarick, Barry Sanders, or Alan Ameche? You pissants crack me up snarking each other when most of you haven't been outdoors in years. Like I said straight-away, I changed my mind about Sewell when I learned how highly-rated he was coming out of college...and he's only 20 years old. Have somebody read my posts to you..you can
  12. Rodgers has gone Hollywood...he wants to be the new "Jeopardy" host and bang nubile young starlets....How is Green Bay, Wisconsin supposed to compete with that???? If GB is smart they'll trade him before he retires and they get nothing. The 49ers could pay a king's ransom for him and everybody wins. The new Lions GM bilked the Rams....their QB and 1st round picks the next two years...and for STAFFORD! That guy got several ribs broken in Detroit with his side-arm slings that rise and make a receiver go up in the air exposing their slats to helmet-spearing DBs. Just as often the ball sailed
  13. The newest regime in Detroit believes a ball-control (running) offense and great defensive front and LBs (3-4) is the way to win in the black and blue division. Smashmouth football is what the Rust Belt loves and these guys' first 5 picks show they want size and attitude on the lines and just enough passing to keep defenses honest....win 14-3...screw the flash, make opponents fear coming into the Motor City. 👺
  14. I changed my mind after learning Sewell was rated the best pass-protecting and third-best run-blocking lineman in college football...think about that....a generational lineman in the NFL? could be..... HUGE man....fast, nimble, and mean as a mamba.....GREAT PICK MOTOWN!
  15. KINGBLAM? Now there was an extraordinary talent who posted here until Chunk! banned him for slapping the ugly cocksucker senseless every time he messed with KB....he took Chickie down shortly after...pig fucker to the end.
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