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  1. You commie scum do find funny GIFS (before they disappeared) for your superiors' entertainment. But please, you know you have no right to the Presidency....Trump won, you lost, don't end up shot or in prison taking this any further. Your only crime so far is being stupid and easily fooled by traitors.....We'll have this situation straightened out soon enough to end your confusion. 🤠
  2. I have over a million dollars in CASH, and a beautiful wife and strong handsome sons. I defended this nation against commie scum like you and will again if called.....shitbag.
  3. Blatant cheating with help from the Chi-Coms and nefarious dark web groups....that's who Biden blundered into league with. He has no idea where he is or what he's saying. Cameltoe Harris is the heir-apparent and will engineer a 25th Amendment coup shortly after the old fool is sworn in. That is if that bizarre event is to occur in the first place. The world has changed significantly since 2016. Cyber manipulation of vote shenanigan/ totals always leaves fingerprints and Trump has ample backup and funding to expose the left's shenanigans. They ain't smart people and haven't left fingerpr
  4. Excellent thread...you belong here with friends (past and present) instead of at that anarchist slob rip-off site. But who am I? RED WINGS RULE!!! 😎
  5. Total LIE. The Davidians were incinerated by napalm from First Cav tanks from Ft. Hood.
  6. That's what I figured...thanks. \ BTW, how did he get colored text?....I don't see an option for text size and color.
  7. UPDATE: Never believe the "swamp" doesn't include the country club GOP....where is the support for Trump, the man who gave them majorities and who's support got them elected? Where is Bill Barr and his famous "pitbull" Durham...AWOL that's where. McConnell and Ryan put roadblocks in front of Trump at every turn during the first two years and the Turtle has nothing to say about open, in your face white boy, cheating. Mueller's scam put ancient whore Pelosi back in control of the House...why didn't fake Director Wray do anything about that when the FBI knew the truth? She deprived over a hu
  8. You're the only one "threatening" anybody (me), pee wee....
  9. No Branch Davidian ever said that, ya lying shitbag. Even you can't be stupid enough to believe the garbage you post here.....so that makes you a digital joke.
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