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  1. I think she still looks pretty good. You may be troubled by the idea that the potential leader of the free world sucks dick but its the Republicans who are making such a big deal of her sexual history. That is the problem. Trump's associates are trying to create an image of her as a submissive female on her knees.
  2. You seem obsessed with the idea of Kamala kneeling. Is it fair to say that you have a little crush ?
  3. Sadly it wasn't a major problem for him because of everything else he was saying and doing I suspect that this is going to run and run simply because once she is VP she will probably do a perfectly competent job and it will hard to criticize her on any other grounds. Apart from anything the people concerned will hold her to higher standards because she is a woman.
  4. There seems to be an obsession that she was giving blow-jobs. How do you know she wasn't the dominant sexual partner ? Why is it not a good look specifically for a female rather than any politician ?
  5. The problem is that Harris may well be VP in a few months time. If that happens then she will be representing us all and these sexual slurs will reflect on everyone
  6. It is weird to sell your body for power. That's why I think that it is unlikely that Kamala ever did it Maybe Willie Brown respected her work. It is a possibility.
  7. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by describing a candidate for VP as "a whore who sucks cock" regardless of whether political favors were involved or not. It may amuse you to think of a political opponent like that but is certainly not going to win over the undecided vote
  8. Even if she did sleep with Willie Brown it may just have been a case of a young and vulnerable woman coerced by a powerful man in a position of authority. Have we all forgotten metoo ?
  9. Her leadership qualities hardly get a mention. Trump has promoted an image of himself as successful with women. Its all part of his macho image and will appeal to a certain kind of voter. The act of grabbing a woman's pussy may be distasteful (and illegal) but it is the act of someone who is in control. The sexual image that is being created of Kamala shows her as a victim with no agency. All the talk of her on her knees is intended to destroy any sense of her as a leader
  10. I am not sure why this is described as a blow for equality. The woman doesn't seem very equal to me. Are you sure it's really Kamala ?
  11. It didn't look staged to me. She looked frightened when he approached her and probably just went down on her knees because she felt in physical danger. That doesn't say much for the guy
  12. This deserves a serious response. I think Trump can defend his pre-covid economic record. He can even defend his performance on covid to some people but If he believes he can campaign successfully against Kamala based on their relative moral integrity then I think that he is in for a shock
  13. That's one way of putting it And that's another. Which is the more respectful of a potential VP ?
  14. The way that Kamala has been portrayed shows her as sexually submissive, on her knees or with her heels up. It seems to me that this is deliberate messaging intended to destroy her credibility as a potential leader.
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