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  1. The house is in disary and Nancy Pelosi will be ousted , when will the impeachment trial of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris start, crimes are treason , misdemeanors and lying to America and 73 million Americans will not forget the sexual Pervert Joe Biden and his many unwanted women and Kamala Harris fucking every black man she could find, Willie Brown, and Barack obama just 2
  2. We noticed throughout that the provably false statement was a stock in trade for Biden. This is a man who has what comes off as a visceral contempt for the American people. He thinks we are gullible morons who can be told whatever he wants to tell us and we’ll believe it, and he’s been lying for so long that he doesn’t even have the ability to discern the truth anymore. No less than 32 times did Biden say things which were patently, provably, obviously untrue. The Trump campaign catalogued them all and when we checked through the list we didn’t see any omissions. So here w
  3. the porn stars of the Democrats 2020 Kamaal Harris fucks 5 black men a day, Joe Biden fucks 20 girls under the age of 14 are these the qualification need to be POTUS in 2020?
  4. AmericaI will listen to a lady anyway that has know and wisdom, in a SCJ they need to understand the law as written and then make a decision based on that, NOW for a VP or POTUS Candidate, Democrats what doe you have a old Black Whore Kamala Harris that fucks any black guy she sees and an old black white guy Joe Biden who dick is as softy as the fucking brains either on has, America also knows the Democrats play book Obama/Biden/Harris car worst health care plane ever forced on America, Rodgers and McCain saved it last time this time America will destroy it, ya all understand English or ya wan
  5. anyone take the time to watch this BORING Democrat Kamala Harris commercial called a SCJ Hearing? It was likw when will Wille Brown come and Bang Kamala again, . Latest REAL Important thing for Democrat's is Obama/Biden/Harris care really, fake pics and everything, Like this is what qualifiers a SCJ on how you MIGHT VOTE on PERT of this useless law? Acording to the experts the mot important topic in 2020? what about Covid 19 , illegal immigration, the economy, OPPS POTUS Trump already fixed they,and the lies would make Hillary's buddy give Drunk Nancy Pelosi another case of Vodka, Who are Demo
  6. Liar Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing everything they can to get elected in 2020 as Hillary did in 2016. The approach is the same lie, belittle, and stay away from We the people that vote, hide and wait for thier oppertunity, that is proven in 2016 not to work, and 2020 will be no different why would you want a liar that hides to be your POTUS and no Covid 19 is an ecuse
  7. the three major outlets of Democrat Propaganda, CNN the worst. Listen to any of these three cable news channels 100 % of Hate America, CNN/MSNBC 100 % Democrat run, FOX NEWS 90 % Democrat run, listen carefully to their introductions each day a SHOW not a news channel,CNN the worst lies belittles and is down right Anti American, and their "announcers are pure Evil" NEW DAY is the worst, John Breman and Birdbrain Alysion Camarata who was fired from Fox News because of her illegal Sexual activities with the cameramen on breaks while taping the show, like Kamlla Harris and Willie while Willie was
  8. The world see what clowns and bad actors these people are along with their Comedy station CNN. Hillary lost in 2016, and Biden will in 2020 and look what they have accomplished for America, Spread of hate and near Bankruptcy of our great Nation,Liberal another word for Hate America. Here are a few things that have happened in the last 4 years from these clowns, 0000000000000000000000000000000 NOTHING , NO Bills sign into lay by the Senior member of the Federal Goverment the Senate. The lies are so out of this world, that even Democrat's find it hard to believe and the threats are like littel
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