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  1. American whites are still being responsible for slavery. Kamala actually had slave relatives. The DNC has billions to chose from, yet they pick the worst 2 available. Makes no sense Joe said he would never be in favor of reparations. Photo of Trump inauguration was 2 hours before. There are actual photos of the inauguration which proves that Trump had more people than Obama. Since there was no actual attendance, we will never know the exact numbers.
  2. Kamala comes from a slave owner family that owned several plantations. Why nominate her? Biden was the worst of the candidtes, and yet his opponents resigned before super Tuesday. Kamala was the first to drop from our Primary, and yet she is the VP? The whole thing makes no sense. There were 19 other candidates . . .why were these two chosen??
  3. Trump was never drafted, not even close. He did qualify for deferments but never needed them. Clinton . . .same thing. Had deferments, but never drafted.
  4. Harris claimed to be descended from the 19th-century planter and slave owner Hamilton Brown.
  5. What I will never understand is why we nominated Joe Biden for president. Is he the best candidate our party could nominate? And then to make matters worse, he selects a VP that had a slave owner dad. I think our party leaders are trying to throw this election.
  6. The reason we are upset is because of the rioting. Blacks do get treated unfairly by police and the justice department. Everyone 100% agrees. Trump has been freeing blacks from prison at a rapid rate due to unfair prosecutions. Black support of Trump ranges from 14% to 40%. We can all work together and solve this problem if we stand together. Black and White lives working together instead of fighting and rioting and even recent killings from these riots is not helping anything!
  7. At first we were told that these were peaceful protests. BLM started out being reasonable, but then Antifa entered the fight, and things became violent. If BLM had stood their ground and not supported Antifa, they would have gained a lot of respect. Instead they joined forces, and attack the cities that would most likely support them. I love protests, but I hate rioters.
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