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  1. I’ll wake up to my delicious cup of MAGA tears everyday for the next four years.
  2. The first black woman Vice President is speaking now. Let that sink in bitches.
  3. Ignore the fat lady in the middle of the room singing her fat ass off.😁
  4. Get over it snowflake! Biden’s our 46th President Elect!
  5. Did I miss something? Did Joe Biden’s grand daughter buy patents to voting machines?
  6. Wrong White Boy. Biden being the Democratic front runner has been getting Intelligence briefings ever since he nailed down the Democratic nominations. Trump being Trump never had the attention span to sit through a full intelligence report without hearing his name in every freaking sentence.
  7. I’m pretty sure something is about to pop with Pennsylvania between now and sometime after now. That’s only my keen clairvoyant respective chiming in. #WipeAwayYourTears
  8. Spoken like a loyal Trump Cult Turd. Tip of the day: make sure your gun is unloaded before sucking it clean. This concludes this public service announcement. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been directed where you should go Fuck yourself.
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