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  1. I fear even gay men want nothing to do with him. Can we get poor Mirabeau a dildo to scratch his itch?
  2. Hold on to those Chinese bamboo fibers, we have a righteous MAGA investigation going on here.
  3. This is why Mirabeau is so fond of the man of the cloth. It all makes perfect sense. So sad 😞
  4. Even direct evidence jammed down the throats of these cult zombies won’t convince them.
  5. Gee, I don’t know? Let me give you a multiple choice question to test your intelligence: 1)Take Ivermectin 2) Suck My Dick 3) Take the FDA approved Pfizer vaccine? What’s it gonna be boy?
  6. You should be happy that I’m here to amuse you. Be sure to scrape that prairie shit from the bottom of your boots, boy.
  7. So should i trust ivermectin now big brain Mirabeau? Should I be okay with treason now Mirabeau? Should I follow the Republican party that stands for nothing, (because they can’t win without cheating) other than raw power? Should I drop all of my principles and join a racist, fascist, corrupt, douchebag Republican Party because you’re so smart (in your dreams)? Or should I stumble around like a “dumbocrat” and believe in science, democracy, apple pie, and the United States Constitution. By the way, Make Killing Nazi’s Great Again! In other words Mirabeau, go fuck yourself!
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