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  1. Groper Joe is the epitome of Mansplaining. Teflon Hillary is the epitome of Femoralizing.
  2. Charisma? Like Charo "whootchy cootchy"LOL She's an unlettered asshole that was voted in office by unlettered Left Wing Liberal assholes. If the communist/socialists have their way she will become something else. Her best work performances were while working as a bartender
  3. A word adopted by Merriam Webster in 2018. Femoralizing is the Latest New Word Entry: "When a Woman talks to a man in a condescending or patronizing manner".
  4. Yes, another good one. She used a phrase linked to group sex to describe how she and her Left Wing supporters would treat critics. "RUN TRAIN" She warned her opponents will have to enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we 'run train' on the progressive agenda".
  5. Let's talk about Groper Joe, Pervert/Pedophile/ Rapist. Then we can discuss Camel Toe cock grabber who sucked and fucked plenty of cock to climb the political ladder starting with Mayor Willy Brown 31 years her senior, who appointed her positions.
  6. LOL. Can't stop laughing about her high school comment. What more can you expect from a Fucking Bartender
  7. Kidnapping all the Left Wing Liberal Governors and Mayors of inner cities that allowed them to be destroyed should all be kidnapped and place in a makeshift prison on an uninhabitable island like Ushagat Island. The perfect last stop for them
  8. More of your Confusion. That was the Biden Family Drug Addicts. https://nypost.com/2020/07/11/joe-bidens-family-has-a-long-rap-sheet/
  9. Have you forgotten how Biden and advisers including Pelosi told him not to debate the first time. They were correct, he made a buffoon of himself. And that was with a wire and hearing device plus aducanumb, his Dementia Drug
  10. Biden is the Definition of Humiliation to himself and the people that support him. All know he is just a pawn for a much bigger agenda. Trump is the only thing between America and New World Order. The Left do not understand what it means except for the Elitists and Globalists that push for it. Any court has nothing to do with his contributions made to nearly 300 groups. His Open Society Foundation has given BLM and other groups 220 million. 33 million went to rioting Ferguson protest groups. He has a web of offshore accounts. He has second and third party accounts he contributes to,
  11. Nominated? One step further, Elected. Humiliation takes hold of every moment the Left is caught lying, being deceitful and committing crimes on the State and Federal Levels. Exposing the Left is getting easier each day.
  12. Makes them Anti-American Communists. The Right must continue to Humiliate the Left
  13. Soros is attempting to unseat the First Black Female D.A. in LA County with a White Man endorsed by BLM. Soros gave 1.5 million dollars to George Gascon. Gascon has made a name for himself by crafting two state measures, Proposition 47 and Proposition 57, both of which benefit hardcore criminals. Proposition 47 decriminalizes drug and theft offenses, reducing the felonies to misdemeanors. Proposition 57 gives serious criminals such as rapists, human traffickers, child molesters, and drive-by-shooters early release from prison. Soros and BLM don't care about peoples identities, they just use id
  14. Plenty of bananas there for the illegals. Maybe a few got caught up in Newsom's wild fires
  15. Who the Fuck wants to feed illegals. The money spent on them in America could be used to feed, clothe and house our poor American citizens.
  16. Brain Eating Amoeba. LOL https://www.newsweek.com/brain-eating-amoeba-climate-change-us-1537113
  17. Excellent Classic Video! Proof That Joe Biden always was Brain Dead, even before he got Dementia
  18. Perfect Example how the Left playing to the Anarchists has backfired in their face. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/06/poll-admitted-antifa-candidate-holds-double-digit-lead-over-portland-mayor-ted-wheeler/
  19. Do you need a sledgehammer over the head or are you playing dumb like you didn't read the previous post. Go back in your burrow
  20. Sad. Never missed an episode of Midnight Special
  21. SPIN SPIN SPIN. You've been caught and fact checked, you unlettered Left Wing Shitcake
  22. You forgot to mention they are the 33 million illegal aliens in this Country. Pelosi and Schumer are assholes for adding their pork for illegal aliens and everything Non-Covid in a Covid Bill. Why don't you trade places with one of the illegals. Then invite all the unlettered Left Wing Shitcakes to join you.
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